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    Cool Star Wars comes to Rift

    May the Force be with you...

    No, i haven't gone over to the Dark Side but an example of what you can do with Dimensions (player housing) in Rift had the Guild Ancient Shadows on Icewatch (EU) recreate some of the machinery, props and characters from the Star Wars Universe

    Full coverage and screenies at: Rift Junkies


    Also another article which links to the one above at Massively


    It's all very impressive and an example of just what you can do with a creative mind, me? i'd be lucky to place two bricks on top of each other

    Make sure you click on the screenies in the Rift Junkies post to experience a full size pic, it's well worth it, or as they said in the article, simple make a level 1 char on Icewatch (EU) and go visit it. Rift Lite is totally free to download and play up to level 20 and starting tomorrow, as Nykolas has posted here:


    Come join us in Rift for free with any level char you ever made, for free

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    Badass on a lot of levels. Increase the item limit and I will make Stormwind!

    What has been made by QQ can be unmade by QQ!!!

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    j/k. That's pretty awesome, tonight is the last night on my sub so I'll probably go check this out tonight.

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