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    Justice Points 5.2

    Hello everyone!

    I just wanted to ask, what you guys are using your Justice Points on?
    Now that I can't buy any uppgrades I don't rly know what to use them on, except uppgrading or buy new Heirloom pieces.

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    Converting them into honor to complete my pvp set :P

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    I have been too lazy to do it yet, but you can upgrade heirlooms to last until 85.

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    Upgrading heirlooms that i probably wont use because i either have the class leveled or because MoP is one of the least alt friendly expansions ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wcard View Post
    I have been too lazy to do it yet, but you can upgrade heirlooms to last until 85.
    In case anyone was wondering about this (I had no idea this was in 5.2), here's a link to a wowhead news post about it:


    I'll probably still burn my JP to get malevolent gear so I can survive better on our horde dominated server, but maybe on alts I'll spend the JP on heirlooms. Good to know!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tidus93 View Post
    Converting them into honor to complete my pvp set :P
    Pretty much this.

    When I hit ~4k JP, I dump them all into honor. On my main that has better gear, I'm buying the PvP mounts (Just have the black mechastrider left to get), and on alts I buy PvP gear.

    JP is basically worthless as actual JP in Mists, which is pretty sad. And heirloom upgrades to get from 80 to 85 for about the same cost as it originally took to buy the 1-80 piece? And they couldn't even make it go to 90? Well, considering I have 7 classes at 90, 1 88, and 3 85's, if they can't even bother to make them go to 90, then I guess I won't be wasting JP on that.

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    Honor is about all that they are worth.

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    Whatever happened to excess VP after cap turning into justice? I could of swore they said that was going to be in 5.2, but it doesn't seem to be :/

    On topic, I convert it to honor. On my character with a full PVP set, I just buy convert to honor, then buy motes of harmony.

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