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    The problem with AMZ is that it is toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo situational (extremely high burst aoe spell damage) and especially for blood , who really lack some sort of raid utility and could use something like that, it means sacrificing decent survivability cds.
    It's also much better in 25m than in 10m /:
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    AMZ is fine, you just need to know how you to use it and what fights it's good for. Blizzard have said they are happy if some talents are better for some fights than others, and I agree with that. Why the hell would you want a talent that is always the best option? That's just boring shit.

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    It's also much better in 25m than in 10m /:
    No it isn't. It absorbs more sure, but that doesn't make it better, that's just because there are more people. Are you going to say devotion aura is better in 25 man because it reduces more damage?

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