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    Mainhand, offhand? does it matter?

    Hello! I have enough CP today to buy tyra wep, but should i replace it with my MH or OH first? If I put it in my MH, i have to buy another dancing steel for like 4k gold (not that i dont have enough gold) and if i put it in my OH, does it do less damage?

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    MH is always a bigger upgrade - especially for PvP where BS, hemo and Ambush are all MH attacks which give you more output than offhand attacks.

    Obviously assuming you play Sub for PvP.

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    What Coldkill says. Your Backstab and Ambush hit with your MH weapon so prio that.

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    Okay thanks. I play sub, yeah. Btw, is it better to buy all tyra gear before buying wep? or should i buy wep asap?

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    weapon asap for sure, weapons are the most important slot for all physical damage dealers

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    Yea, JIMM- answered well; weapons are the best single upgrade you can get. Usually the list is MH > OH > trinkets > rest of gear (starting from the ones which give you more stats).

    Again, assuming you have all gear with the same ilvl - otherwise start upgrading the lowest ilvl pieces AFTER THE MH (it just gives the best dps increase hands down).

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