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    Just getting back into resto

    Just got level 90 on my resto shaman, and just have a couple questions..

    1. What are some reps i should grind, and for what?
    2. Any boes that are good enough to get?
    3. Can anyone one link me to a BiS list?

    can;t think of any more questions right now, i'll post on here if more come up. Thank you for your time

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    1. The new daily faction.
    2. 496 chest and gloves, DMC trinket, 463 weapon+shield.
    3. I don't think you should worry about BiS-lists yet, if you have just dinged.

    Use your valor for those 522 items. Use all your elder charm coins in LFR, don't go to LFR until you've done all the new dailies+solo scenario.
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