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    Holy/Tank dual spec


    For some time I was Holy main spec and Ret OS(so I could do easily dailies and stuff ), but now it seems that I will be a backup tank for our 10 man normal raids. It's not about raiding, but about everyday working stuff, like VP capping, doing dailies and etc. I know that VP capping as tank and holy would be easily - daily HC queues with those specs is instant

    So how viable is to do dailies in holy or tanking spec? I don't see big point in changing secondary spec after raids to ret and then before raids back to tank it annoys that You need to change spells in bars, glyphs and etc.

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    You can use Actionbar saver to save your bars. For glyphs you just have to change those manually I'm afraid.

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    Maybe I don't need to switch those specs, as I can do those dailies in Holy or Tanking spec?

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    if the area isn't very crowded, you can pull a shitload and tank them in prot. I am unsure about holy pala, as they don't have the dps capabilities of a MW monk

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    Even though protection was my second spec, I was doing dailies as holy for months - it's just fine, the only thing you are lacking is a decent way to do AE damage (best way is probably the holy prism lvl 90 talent which has a cooldown)

    Having just recently changed my second spec to Ret, I noticed that I was doing about the same damage in Green/blue Ret gear, as I was in Holy raiding gear.

    With the recent changes to Holy, there's a much different feel to it in solo-PVE - you are an actual caster now, no need for melee attacks

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    I was Holy/Prot for a few weeks until our backup healer got geared enough to take over healing duties full time.

    I mostly did my dailies as prot. As suggested above, I would just pull massive groups and do my best to chain pull (to make sure I kept up Vengeance).
    Now that I'm back to Ret/Prot, I do my dailies as Ret and I find that it's definitely faster than prot. It takes me maybe 20-30 minutes to finish Isle quests as Ret vs. 30-40 minutes as prot. Not a huge difference, but it's noticeable.

    It's super helpful if you have a ranged dps group up with you. Just have them pull all quest mobs to you and there's very little downtime.

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    Holy is ok, it's just going to feel slow and boring spamming denounce. I don't know how well glyphed HS and WoG are, but I can't imagine using those would hurt. And prot is good, depending on how good your Ret gear is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gronch View Post
    if the area isn't very crowded, you can pull a shitload and tank them in prot. I am unsure about holy pala, as they don't have the dps capabilities of a MW monk
    Throw on Harsh Words and Denounce glyphs, spec divine purpose and holy prism, and its actually not bad for dailies, especially in raid gear. The only really problem you'll run into is the lack of a good way to do AoE damage. Prism is ok but its longer cd makes it less than amazing.

    Edit: for this to work, you have to drop eternal flame so that harsh words will do damage.

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    Wait for tri-spec.

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