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  • Warrior

    24 6.74%
  • Shaman

    42 11.80%
  • Rogue

    35 9.83%
  • Paladin

    44 12.36%
  • Hunter

    33 9.27%
  • Druid

    34 9.55%
  • Warlock

    70 19.66%
  • Mage

    46 12.92%
  • Priest

    28 7.87%
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    The Patient
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    Mar 2012
    EU (Finland)

    What class will you play?

    When the game will eventually be released, what class deck will you play?

    Of course you can play many but which one the most

    I will most likely play a mage deck.

    EDIT: Now with a poll
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    Super Moderator Darsithis's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    Well since I can't play Death Knight, probably warrior, my second-favorite class.

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    Probably mage.

    Did they say if it's possible to change your class?

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    I'll probably play hunter since thats what I played in WoW as my main.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thyranne View Post
    Probably mage.

    Did they say if it's possible to change your class?
    It looks like each deck will have a class, and you can make many decks.

    For me, it's going to depend on which class has the most interesting cards to me.
    I liked the Shaman cards in WoW TCG and a lot of concepts here seem similar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterDinadan View Post
    It looks like each deck will have a class, and you can make many decks.
    Got it. Thank you.

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    High Overlord Alberichs's Avatar
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    Probably a warrior or a warlock. Can't say for sure without seeing the ups and downs of each class and cards specific to that class.

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    Pandaren Monk Marston's Avatar
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    Mar 2011
    Since there is no deathknight, I will either play a warlock (most likely) or a rogue, as that was my first real WoW class.

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    Warlock, of course!

    After seeing that promo battle I cannot wait to be Gul'dan and summon Jaraxxus My evil little heart is going to explode with glee everytime I do it.

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    I've been playing a druid for 8 years, so I'll probably start with that at least.

    However I will also make "alt" decks.

    It seems some cards are class-specific, and the rest are open to all.

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    Fluffy Kitten Ragnarocket's Avatar
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    I'll stick with what I played when I was in WoW. Gimme my Shaman!

    Guess that means I'll either be playing as Thrall...

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    I thought warlock looked a lot more fun than druid in their gameplay video, but it's way too early to make these guesses IMO

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    Which ever best allow for an aggro deck :P Love small and cheap cretures with booster just so fluid and easy to play and combo decks just gets abit boring after a while.

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    Needs to be a "I'll play them all" or an "I'll play whichever is the most fun once I get to try them out" categories.

    If Monk were in the list, I'd auto-pick that, but without Monk, I'm gonna really need to experiment awhile to see which of them calls to me.

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    Going to wait to see the cards first

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    I'll try Druid first because it's my main (even if I don't play it that much anymore). But it will also depend on the cards I guess.

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    The Patient Grogar's Avatar
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    Leicester, UK
    Hunte for sure, playing it for 6 years in WoW has made me feel tied! Rexxar for the win!

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    Banned Gimlix's Avatar
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    The Netherlands!
    Is there a race system too??

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    The Patient
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    Mar 2012
    EU (Finland)
    Currently it looks like ther are specific heroes for each class, like Jaina for mages, Thrall for shaman etc. But I have a feeling that ther will be more heroes in the future.

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    Dreadlord Spichora's Avatar
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    Rouge !!!!!! sneaky guy ! I think they will be epic ! cool class fits me very much!

    P.S. I hope Maiev Shadowsong will be in game, at least I'll have her there like I want haha

    War is deception, a game played best from the shadows!

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