View Poll Results: Pick one race to play on the other faction (just your toon, not the entire race)

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  • Human

    13 9.42%
  • Dwarf

    15 10.87%
  • Gnome

    8 5.80%
  • Nelf

    14 10.14%
  • Draenei

    13 9.42%
  • Worgen

    9 6.52%
  • Orc

    6 4.35%
  • Undead

    10 7.25%
  • Tauren

    15 10.87%
  • Troll

    10 7.25%
  • Belf

    19 13.77%
  • Goblin

    6 4.35%
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    I would not change, I'm really happy about my human monk and I find playing alliance to be alot more fun anyhow

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    I used to be Alliance, now I'm Horde and most of my characters are either blood elves or pandaren. If I were to change the blood elves to Alliance I'd like to go draenei, I miss the ones I used to have. :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wishblade View Post
    If I had to be something other than troll... Guess I'd... Meh... Worgen I guess... I'm happy being a troll though. =S
    I have a hard time playing something else than troll too...
    I would tottaly want to be troll on the Ally side! =D!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rivelle View Post
    I used to be Alliance, now I'm Horde and most of my characters are either blood elves or pandaren. If I were to change the blood elves to Alliance I'd like to go draenei, I miss the ones I used to have. :P
    I'm the reverse. My lock and rogue, in particular, miss their BE looks. Oh well.

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    I don't know tbh. I started playing as horde but went alliance 6 years ago...

    So I'm alliance now hm, I would prolly go undead or blood elf.

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    My main is Female Orc, if i have to change faction i'd pick Female Human or Female Night Elf

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    Just move trolls to alliance side so i could play every blue-skinned master races.
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    Draenei for a good looking shaman

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    None... who would ever want to be alliance? blah
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    I expected more votes for Draenei tbh. :P
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    Night elf rogue in Horde !!! or maybe hunter

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    This is such an awesome poll.

    I really want a Dwarf Horde Monk.
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    Orc hands down best race for enhancement, not only does blizz love to spam axes/fists (racial is allways up) but they also have extra pet dmg, on demand burst "trinket" and stun reduction

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deathgoose View Post
    Given the "Neutral High/Blood Elf" speculation threads, I expected that number to be higher!
    One thing is a blood elf and quite another a high elf, and I do not mean to be sarcastic as others :P

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    Worgen on horde side. Obviously because its the only nice looking race alliance have, and doesn't fit in the faction.

    Also, Draenei in the horde maybe, if there was some kind of resolve between orcs and draenei.

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    Gnome... If I couldn't go gnome druid I would go for NE.
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    I'm a Hordy but if I could I'd bring my Dwarf Shaman over. Wildhammers may hate Orcs but when the day is over they actually get along pretty well with Tauren.

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    The Lightbringer turskanaattori's Avatar
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    I have no Alliance characters, but I would race change my warrior into a dorf.

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    I want a gnome shaman damn it. lol. It would be awesome because your totems would be bigger than you and as well as the fire balls. haha.

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