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    [PvP] Ret Pally 2v2

    For those that do 2v2, which class do you play with? I tried playing with a rogue, but one of us ends up dying quickly unless we get a great opening. Can't tell if it's a combination of me being new to ret pvp and the rogue being new to double dps, but it's super frustrating.

    I also played a few games with a disc priest. We won nearly every single double-dps match up, but I had trouble putting enough pressure on any well-geared healer. If we can't drop a healer within 4-5 minutes, we cut our losses and just leave the match.

    It's a bit frustrating, but I was just curious what kind of 2v2 comps people were running.

    My 3v3 comp is Warr/Ret/Resto Sham. Zerging the healer is pretty fun.
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    I always here a dk isn't to bad.

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    Arms Warrior or Frost DK really work well for me.

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    Herald of the Titans Grimord's Avatar
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    With a shadow priest. We're friends though so we don't play seriously but it seems to work half-decently.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimord View Post
    With a shadow priest. We're friends though so we don't play seriously but it seems to work half-decently.
    I play with a spriest as well. It works fairly well. Rogue should be a great partner, but I also want to try with a feral this season.

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    High Overlord Rikhx's Avatar
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    Feral/rogue probably one of the best setups

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    Try with a shadow priest or boomkin, both have great pressure, utility and healing.

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    Shadow Priest, Feral, Frost DK, Hunter are all nice. A partner that can peel/offheal is mostly what you are looking for, along with the ability to burst a dps down while their healer is CC'd.
    Out of those, I'd say Feral is 1st priority and Shadow Priest is second.

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    I've always done very well with either hunter or warrior.

    Warrior for their sheer burst potential and hunter for their range

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