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    Shrine of Seven Stars has 2 Left Doors!

    Seems the Devs forgot to mirror when they put in the right side.

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    Horde bias!

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    Ghostcrawlers fault. Totally!

    There you go, Scrapbot. Is my Signature small enough now? Will you finally shut up, you automated pretentious &##(@)!?

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    Ugh, and this is just another example of why world PvP is dead.
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    WoW's become too casual

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    I hope someone gets fired because of this

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    See, this is why Ghostcrawler didn't give us our damn ponies.

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    The mogu have built the shrines, complain to them.

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    What, is blizzard now implying that the alliance is the 'sinister' faction? Don't these guys have anyone who remembers lore?
    A look at the warcraft novels, RPG books, games and magical french space soccer.

    Glory to person-whose-name-I-dont-know-but-rules-Kul-Tiras!

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    Thanks Obama.

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    Minorities. Blizzard decided to catter to the minorities who believe they have the right to put one door front side and another one back. GG blizz for breaking wow again.

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    I have to say most all the replies have made me giggle

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    Alternately the doors are correct (swing outward) but they forgot the inner door detail on the right-side door...
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    RIP WoW. 2004-2013

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    I've lost all faith in humanity
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    I don't know what is worse, Blizzard for making the mistake or the Alliance for not noticing for 7 months.

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    All these replies made me laugh out loud. mmo-champ has it's good days. Ty.

    OT: Amazing no one caught this sooner.
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    I thought this was a Jaylock thread when I clicked on it.

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    The Horde shrine doesn't even *HAVE* doors.
    Alliance bias.

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    This is the last straw, I quit.

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