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    So What Does Mana Taste Like?

    Here's a stupid question to ponder over.

    I began letting my mind wander the other day (a huge mistake) when playing WoW after making a couple of mana potions I realized these are for consumption right? Then I got the thought, what do mana potions taste like? Are they healthy or packed with calories?

    To go one step further what do most of these potions I make taste like? Health Potions, Elixirs, flasks... surely the rush of all those chemicals cant be healthy :P

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    I heard it's a bit salty. I never tried it though.
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    red bull. health pots taste like chicken though
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    ask the jews, they survived off the stuff for 40 years in the desert.
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    I always imagined that mana had a raspberry flavor, mainly cause of the blue color which is oftenly used in raspberry flavored candies.
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    They already sell it. But generaly mana potion is not mana. Its acturly a drink that returs your spiritual energy (in other words mana) so you can cast more spells.
    Energy drink pretty much and nothing else.

    Healing potions are on another lvl tho. Think of them like magical micro robots that heal your skin in instant.

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    Depends on the herbs used to make them.
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    Every gamer on land and in the fantasy world knows about this product! Packed with 40mg of caffeine, this 1.69 oz shot also has a good dose of B vitamins. Each Mana Potion will add to your MP (or mana points) and keep you going through epic battles. With a splash of citrus, this drink will help you stay awake and alert with 40mg of caffeine.

    What a ripoff lol

    edit: it appears i was beaten to the punch

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orby View Post
    Are they healthy or packed with calories?
    I imagine casting spells would be a very energy-intensive process, therefor Mana Potions, by their nature would be packed with calories to replenish those consumed.

    Also casters would have no trouble keeping their weight down! :P

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    I imagine the most adept of mages could combine the skills of food conjuration with that of alchemy to create potions to his or her tastes. Jaina for example loves apples, so perhaps her pots taste like apples.

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    Caffeinated bacon.
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    Sweetness and Fire

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    Mana tastes sweet and each sip feels like waking up after a long nap that grows into a warming feeling throughout your body.

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    Tastes like an elephant shit out a gallon of kombucha, with a twist of lime
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    We eat it in Finland, tastes a bit like oatmeal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reyzzz View Post
    We eat it in Finland, tastes a bit like oatmeal.

    And I was already hungry when I clicked on this thread... mmm

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    Coins and salty milk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reyzzz View Post
    We eat it in Finland, tastes a bit like oatmeal.

    Not to diss your national cuisine, but that doesn't look appetising at all. D:
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