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    Changing My Paladin's Appearance - Which race? Alliance

    Hey everyone First post here!

    I've decided to make my paladin my main alt, but I want to change name and race. I'm playing Alliance.

    I've decided on a name, but what race Looks The Best?

    I don't mind about survivability etc, but I'm inclined to say Human Female as they look good and the rep bonus is a huge one.

    Draenei female looks kinda cool in the new tier, what does everyone think?

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    Dwarf Female
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    Quote Originally Posted by AeneasBK View Post
    Dwarf Female
    I did consider this but... their faces are so ugly

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    The question "which looks best" is an aesthetic question, and the answer varies from person to person, much like musical preference. We can't answer what looks best to you.

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    Well... maybe wait until the new models are out? (WARNING: Blizzard's "soon")
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    I went male dwarf on my pally, ive noticed whatever I try to transmog all gear looks good on them. And I just like dwarfs in general, the epic beardness

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    Looks are highly subjective, only you can decide what you like. Roll a few new toons with the races that you want to try out, and decide.

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