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    Daily blink called it again...

    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Unclaimed Black Market Containers are now available on the Black Market Auction House. What's inside? It's a mystery! When opened, the container has a chance to contain any item that can be available on the BMAH.
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    Because I want to say this every single day but don't want it to get a drag:
    1) The ingame store will only sell timesaver items. It won't affect balance.
    2) No, getting to 100 in half the time isn't pay2win. raids don't start until the second week, everyone has time to get there.
    4) getting charms faster is also not pay2win. getting those is easy, but not everyone has the time or want for dailies.

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    "A chance" could mean anything.
    meh :/

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    I hope it's bugged to begin with so people spend thousands of gold and it will just contain a Reins of the Bronze Drake.

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    "Use the force harry." -Gandalf

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