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    Only needed 4 more serious people who are interested in the project to meat our goal of 32 before starting.

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    While we did manage to get in a couple more applications pushing us closer to our 32 person start point, we are still in need of a couple more applications to reach this point and will always be looking for players who can show the desire to really want to start a fresh with the project.

    Feel free to at least take alook over our website and see if it's your cup of tea.

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    Would you add Reyuna#2645 to your realid please?

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    Hi sure sorry about that, i'll add you later on tonight once I've finished work things.

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    With just mere days remaining before our start date we are looking quite strong however we're still look for a few additional players that want a fresh start.

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    Just a reminder of the road map for any potential applicants;

    -All being well, we should be starting on the 14th of April (This Sunday). We ask that people do not push past level 80 within the first 18 days, since we will probably pause and do a few of the old raids to help strengthen logistical plans. From the 14th, everyone will have 37 days in total to prepare for our raiding schedule. Raids will be three times a week, Mon,Thur,Wed from 19:30-23:00 and this schedule will start around the 20th of may.

    If we begin on time we be preparing post start application methods that will allow people to still apply and integrate into our raiding team if they wish to, slots may be limited when we reach may so do not hesitate to ask questions here or to players that have left battle tags within this thread.

    Doors will never be shut to potential applicants that demonstrate that they have the qualities that we require from our members to hit our set goals, as well as goals to come in the future. If you like the look of our plans then leave us a question if needed, or fill in an application form at the top left corner of the website:

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    14th April update:
    Guild is underway, we have officially started and while our numbers are quite strong we are still looking for 4-5 players who are interested in a raider rank.

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    A healing priest, mage/warlock caster and a rogue/warrior/deathknight melee dps would top our raiding team off nicely ready for when we begin raids. Still looking for a handful of players that imagine they could have a rewarding experience from being involved.

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    Sitting around at 80 for just under two more weeks then we're going to continue to 90 and look at non outdated content, as a result of the efforts of our member base we will probably have an easy time getting herald for people in the meantime. Still got some players that recently started leveling, some that have hit the cap are messing around in 80 content. Still plenty of time to join us although in just under two weeks our focus will shift to 90 content

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