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    How far do you zoom out your camera in wow?

    I don't like to zoom it out at max because I like to see my character when fighting against enemy's,
    but it bothers me a lot because I cannot see much as everything is covering up my screen.
    I was wondering do you zoom out at max distance? (New to mmo champion )

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    i have my characters feet about 6-8cm from my top action bar if that makes sense haha

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    All the way out. Melee has to constantly watch where they stand, chase targets, and dodge the 5.2 linear fire.

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    Id say it depends on what i do. If i play on my laptop i zoom out max and if i play on my 50 inch pana ill zoom in.

    Also if i fly i like to zoom out max to enjoy the wiev. I always zoom in max when im fisging etc..

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    Mine's at max distance 100% of the time after doing the cameramaxdistancefactor thing. As a tank I do not feel comfortable unless I can have my eyes on the entire room and raid.

    Though while I'm questing I do like to play in first person sometimes for immersion. I just wish they implemented some kind of head bob when your character attacks/casts like EverQuest used to while you were in first person.

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    all the way out to maximum (ranged player)

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    as far away as I can so I can see as much as possible of what's going on in the room/area.

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    I zoom out as much as I can pretty much.
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    pretty far, but not too far out so i don't miss the small things

    i like to be able to see stuff

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    When I'm just questing or plowing random battlegrounds I have it at about 50%, when I raid I go between 80-100%.
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    (ranged player) I'm an hunter and I feel as if it is very important to see my character close by when fighting.

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    max distance, heroic raiding ele shaman, i hate things like iron qon tornados where it auto zooms you in the first time, and i have to be spamming zoom out again.

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    Is there anyway to know what percent you are zoomed out? So I can go back to the distance i was zoomed in and dont lose track

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    Shadow priest max zoom always, feels like u got so mutch better control of whats happening, and encounters where u cant move with the camera at max distance falls behind those who you can for me personally.

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    Shadow priest: Not as far out as I probably should but out a ways. When stuff gets too small it's hard for me to see what's really going on around the boss. So it's a little of everything. I've tried zooming all the way out but I can't get comfortable with it and environmental stuff gets in the way often and blocks the view.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ekayrouz View Post
    I don't like to zoom it out at max because I like to see my character when fighting against enemy's,
    Pretty much this.

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    about halfway the camera can go so that I can still monitor my invironment, while still managing to strafe correctly/get behind my enemy.

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