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    Twin Consorts - can you activate celestial aid multiple times?

    IV says you can't. Heard from raiders that it resets by dusk phase if used early. Can anyone confirm? (with video preferably) ty!

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    They do reset at Dusk, no matter how late you use them, as long as they're used before Dusk.

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    every buff resets in the 3rd phase

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    Can confirm that I did it myself. Don't have a video so you'll have to take my word that I activated all buffs twice during the encounter.

    Of course, you could also just pull the boss, activate an aid and then see if it's back up at Dusk if you want to confirm for yourself.

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    Yes they do reset at dusk, but after using ANY of them you get a debuff that prevents you from insta chaining them. Just make sure u will have no debuff when dusk starts so you can use something(tiger seemed best at start of dusk).

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