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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawnrage View Post
    Er, what? If you have the RI glyph and don't interrupt anything then yeah, it's not a DPS increase. What are you talking about?

    Also, he's looking for advice on how to improve his DPS significantly for what his gear level is (I haven't looked at the logs), I don't think arguing over HL is the way to go.
    Read my last post, then you know where the HL glyph thing is comming from.
    I was just using that as an example.

    If you use glyph of HL but don't use HL correctly, it's not a DPS increase, if you use glyph of RI and don't kick anything, it's not a DPS increase.
    That does not change the fact, that when used right, both glyphs are a DPS increase (depending on the fight, one is better than the other ofc).
    Saying that glyph of HL is not worth it, not a DPS increase or that you shouldn't bother with HL for damage in general, is however, completely false and a bad advice, no matter at what level you might play on.

    You understand what i ment now?

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    If you have some time over, you should max ur blacksmithing, it will give you 2 empty sockets!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkfriend View Post
    Only if you're bad. A good warrior will use it for DPS.
    A good warrior will use it and get a DPS increase. Just using it does not make you a good warrior, you need to know how to use it or your DPS will suffer far more than the meager increase using it gives.
    Only make passive aggressive posts when it doesn't make you look like a dumbass.

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    I think you should glyph heroic leap anyway, it's so usefull in all situation, run from shit, while moving bosses, to soak somethin (for exmple some ball lighting on lei shan are far away, no problem for me, just jump in). Shorter cooldown incrases mobility alot.

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    Yeah, im starting on Heroic Breaker tonight, running with Endless rage, Enraged speed and heroic leap.

    Looks like im doing slightly increased DPS from a few changes i have made and adjustments to reforge/gems.

    Will link tonight logs once there up.

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    I wouldn't bother gemming for socket bonuses, unless it was something like 180 str, just gem pure crit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flawless101 View Post
    A good warrior will use it and get a DPS increase. Just using it does not make you a good warrior, you need to know how to use it or your DPS will suffer far more than the meager increase using it gives.
    Ye, well, DUH.

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    The heroic leap glyph is not needed to make or break your dps. There are several flaws with using it during a boss fight for dps gain.
    What the regular warrior does wrong is the cs into dump all rage as fast as possible.
    Leap is a bad filler since it often makes you hit the boss from the side/in front and/or run out and lose white hits that you will never get back.
    Simulations can not always show this kind of events, and whatever people say. Play with the kind of style you feel most comfortable with.
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    It's extremely easy to use leap for damage without losing uptime on your target.

    Also not sure how dumping rage into CS is something regular warriors do wrong. Usually it's the opposite, average warriors don't pool rage for CS.

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    That's what I wrote
    Cs into dump rage.
    What I've found out after 1.5 days of playing warrior is that you end up with using heroic strike more often than wild strike during dumps.
    Realized that heroic strike is more valuable than wild strike due tue gcd.

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