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    This won't be the case. PvP Power still offers a substantial benefit to all healing classes.

    Holinka announced on his twitter that Blizz are considering buffing the benefit of healing power at the cost of increasing battle fatigue - this means that while there might be a further healing reduction in arenas and RBGS, PvP power will compensate. This will mean that PvP gear will stay at the level it is at while PvE gear will fall behind.
    Thing is, battle fatigue even now isn't really needed. It's catering to bad dps who're trying to solo healers. In 3's two halfway decent DPS can simply power through healing and kill a target anyway (TSG for example). And I wouldn't put it behind Blizzard to not do the whole thing in a sensible way thus people ending up with less healing than before.

    Quote Originally Posted by booj View Post
    From what I understood they are going to remove PVP Res from Most of the PVP gear. So you may still be able to gem Resilience. The way I see it this change will make it so no one will be able to get 1 shoted anymore if they lack PVP gear while in the same time their damage will suck until they get some PVP Power. This together with the ilvl scaling in BGs, RBGs and Arenas I think it's a good change. Until the blog comes out we can only speculate. Let's not start QQing until we know for sure what the changes will be.
    PvE Gear has more sockets than PvP gear. If they leave in 320 resilience gems it often would be the best idea to get PvE gear and gem it for resilience. PvP Power is an incredible weak stat for healers and not really desirable, it doesn't even offset the 30% battle fatigue debuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Briga View Post
    Yeah hope so, the timing of this looks suspect.
    Sorry, this is NOT an April fools joke - they pre-announced this stuff over a week before April Fools ON PURPOSE - so that people would NOT think they were joking... they also would not put a joke section in with REAL patch notes.
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    This is not an april fools joke, as their jokes usually lack any creativity, because they try to be so creative with it, making them look unrealistic in an awkward way.

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