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    Help with warrior threat generation

    Hello everyone.

    It´s been a while since this problem came up but yesterday at Iron Quon I took most notice of it. I'm a prot paladin, and my co-tank is a warrior. I'm aware that with control/haste builds prot pallys generate quick and high threat pools, but I literally had to sit my character for really long periods to not pull threat away from him. It looked like I generated more threat even while offtanking. If anyone could give me a hint of what could be going on it would be of much help. These are the logs of said fight. Not exclusive to other fights though, like I said its a long time problem.


    Also, it would be really helpful if you could hand out an opener rotation for prot war, so as to dps do not need to hold back on pull, this has been a problem sometimes as well.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Now I'm not a warrior specialist, but just checked some other warr tank logs on WoL with similar fight length.

    Your warriors top6 damaging abilities (number of hits), fight length 11:14:

    Shield Slam: 84
    Melee: 187
    Devastate: 94
    Deep Wounds: (dot)
    Revenge: 58
    Thunderclap: 68

    The other warrior, fight length 11:31:

    Shield Slam: 110
    Devastate: 154
    Melee: 194
    Revenge: 71
    Execute: 19
    Dragonroar: 11

    The warrior in your guild is running with 15% expertise, so alot less dodge/parry than the other tank(only 7,5%exp). That equals less Revenges, and revenges do cause lots of threat. He's also doing a lot less Devastates, 60 less than the other warrior. Devastate has a chance to reset shield slam cd which also causes some nice threat + the threat form the devastates too.

    btw, I just checked the expertise ratings on both warriors from Armory, so they might have changed after these logs...
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    A few things to note from the logs you provided
    On the plus side, hes not wasting rage on Heroic strike which is a usual factor for low threat

    He is however, using shield barrier FAR too much and should really be using block alot more, not only due to superior mitigation but also due to heavy repercussions which is a massive DPS increase

    He also needs to work on his priorities as he is using Thunder Clap WAY too much and needs to be quicker to react to revenge procs and keep using devastate as a filler

    another thing to note, is your fight was 674 seconds, in total he used 270 attacks that were on the GCD
    Assuming hes playing with 100ms latency ontop of the GCD that's an active time where he is pressing buttons (1.6 x 270) of 432 seconds, which leaves 242seconds (4:02 minutes) where he is not attacking which to me seems a tad excessive even taking into account the whirlwind phases

    So generally he just needs to pull his finger out a little and start mashing buttons a bit more like a warrior should be:P

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    - At the beginning of the fight start with all offensive cooldowns popped and build a decent amount of threat. Announce over voice for a taunt swap ("taunting soon" "taunting in 3,2, 1" etc) and have your soon to be offtank not use his hardest hitting abilities at that point.
    - Warior tanks should intervene/safeguard several seconds before a swap to get some vengeance going and pool some rage just as you would want to pool some holy power for that situation.
    - Hand of salvation isn't that good as before, they changed it with 5.1 to work like vanilla fade (decreasing the targets threat to zero for the effect).
    - If you're out of salvation deactivate Righteous Fury for some seconds and pop hand of sacrifice later on to get some vengeance back rolling
    - as stated from various posters above "melee" should probably not be that high on the log, on a single target fight the amount of dev hits and melee swings can be somewhat comparable with only a slight advantage for the white hits and no 1:2 ratio... he's not smashing his keyboard enough.
    - thunderclap hits fairly week, no need to spam it (especially when another tank regulary already applies the debuff passively) -> more gcds for harder hitting styles instead
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    Revenge's CD is reset when YOU dodge/parry an attack, not the boss. Having expertise/hit is the best way to get more threat for warriors.

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    "Revenge's CD is reset when YOU dodge/parry an attack, not the boss. Having expertise/hit is the best way to get more threat for warriors."

    Yeh, that's what I said, if you have less parry/dodge rating, you get less revenges. And I do agree that hit/exp cap is the way to go for threat, was just wondering why he was getting less revenges off.

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    Judging by the numbers posted by the 2e person your friend is using thunderclap on cooldown.

    Tell him to stop using thunderclap unless he needs the debuff on the boss. The global freed by not using thunderclap should be used to use more devastate (unless he has a proc).

    Second tell him to use shield barrier less. My experience is (only lfr since its a alt) that the barrier will only absorb a single attack because bosses hit hard. Using block more often will mean higher uptime on enrage (result more dps), smoother damage taken because you will block attacks and your shield slam does more damage when glyphed.

    I may be wrong since my warrior tank is only a alt but this has been my experience so far.

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    @ati you are correct :P

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    Dropped by to say thank you to everyone who helped out.

    Our raid mate made a really good improvement out of your advice

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