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    Quote Originally Posted by Dyros View Post
    If I had to pick one thing: Guns. Vehicles would be a close second.

    Not talking about a blunderbuss/simple gun, or the rare mechanical marvel (like the Alliance flying ship), but the common things like super-accurate futuristic guns and motorcycles. They're a forced fit in this fantasy world.
    There have been submarines since War2!!! Fer cryin' out loud!!

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    Deathwing as a villain was okay, but fighting Deathwing was horrible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miralynn View Post
    People who only log into various forums to whine about how this or that thing 'doesn't belong'. No one likes 'stop having fun' guy.
    Ironically, my one was 'people who post on forums complaining about wow endlessly at any decision they make, showing how little they enjoy the game, but either can't quit despite there qqrage, or have quit and are pointlessly complaining about a game they have no involvement with anymore and do so just to spread discontent'

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    flying mounts. some ppl might hate me for saying this, but ill say it anyway. Flying mounts diminish the size of Azeroth/outlands/the game as a whole. They diminish the feel of adventure and challenge as you run by mobs that you don't want to attack. I enjoyed the lvling process on Pandaria where I was on the ground, and could not fly. I enjoy Isle of Thunder for the very same reason: no flying. It makes the game feel better.

    edit: it belongs to WoW, sure, since there were air units in the original Warcraft series. I'm just saying it's something I think wow would do better without
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    1. Most of the pandaren chinese-like architecture, resembles the Chinese way too much

    2. The draenei's futuristic tech and buildings, fits Starcraft more than Warcraft

    3. Mechano Hog, even trough I love this mount myself. But it doesn't fit Warcraft

    4. Virmen and Hozen, hard to believe those ''out of a comicbook'' creatures suddenly show up in Warcraft

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viscoe View Post
    3- What the hell are you smoking? Deathwing's as iconic a villain in WoW lore as Arthas or Illidan...
    Deathwing was horribly deconstructed and ruined as a character. They hamfisted him into the game and made him a stereotypical villain for the sake of having an expansion. Go read some lore on Deathwing, he was not always the pathetic, half-assed character you bore witness to in Cataclysm. Please don't try to give me that "Well the Old Gods..." Bullshit either, Deathwing went from being a glorious chess master to troglodyte with a comically over sized chin.

    Even more incredible than that, is how he was supposed to be the main villain, yet was pushed aside for the Twilight Cult (another example of Old Gods being Blizzards favorite lore cop out, as if no other form of evil exists) so he could roast some cows for the entire expansion while everyone prepared to murder him.

    If the Old Gods really make decent character writing that awful, then I really wish they'd stop implementing Old Gods as the cause of every damn problem in the game since Wrath of the Lich King.

    Speaking of which, what they did to Arthas and Tyrion was just... Terrible.

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    Nothing that has been added to this game should be thought as "not belonging".
    Quote Originally Posted by Jaylock View Post
    They will be back up to 12m+ subs when legion hits, and wont fall below 10m for the duration of the expansion.
    Quote Originally Posted by Wildberry View Post
    tl;dr: If you're going to post nonsense, don't post. Please just go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Florena View Post
    Honestly I found BC to be a whole hell of a lot more distracting than anything in MoP. And even then I wouldn't say it doesn't belong, but it was more immersion breaking for me than MoP has been.
    Outland had next to ZERO overall cohesion between its zones. It was like a fucking box of crayons.
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    No races really came out of nowhere... Pandaren were first introduced with Chen Stormstout the Brewmaster as a bonus Hero in WC3. The Draenei have been a part of lore since WC3 in the form of the Broken and the Eredar. Blood Elves were in WC3, as well. Goblins were seen in WC2. And the Worgen were seen in Vanilla, albeit the feral ones and not the Gilneans.

    I find it odd that Netherstorm is said to be alien when it's a zone in an alien world...

    And Deathwing? Really? He's been in Warcraft lore longer than Arthas, Illidan, Kiljeaden, the naga, the old gods, etc.

    And not to mention that Pandaren and Goblins were the two most DEMANDED races since WoW's creation.

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    Hmm... Elitists? Or people whom think they have a huge e-peen and brags about it, just so you see them fail?
    Stuff can be fixed, just get enough glue or duct tape!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maniac2 View Post
    What do you think - which things in wow dont belong there?

    For me its:

    1. MoP as a whole expansion - yes, i play MoP, but whole China-like architecture, quests, Npcs , its just feel alien seeing it in WoW, not to mention pandaren race and monks.

    2. Netherstorm npcs and whole area in TBC - its like they came from the far future

    3. Deathwing as a villain - just does not fit here

    4. Harrison Jones - yes, good tip for him
    Yeah Deathwing wasn't in the Franchise before WoW or anything...


    Really? Also... how does it feel alien to see Eastern architecture? That's what multiple games do with expansions. Change themes around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veyne View Post
    Outland had next to ZERO overall cohesion between its zones. It was like a fucking box of crayons.
    Aaaaand this. Outland feels weird. Much more "alien" than MoP.

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    Eurocentrism at its best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptUntsAhts View Post
    Aaaaand this. Outland feels weird. Much more "alien" than MoP.
    But alien would have been good; it just felt disjointed, similar to Cata in that aspect.

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    Instances and Phasing in an MMORPG.

    They present instancing and phasing as great achievements, I say it's against the original idea of what an mmorpg should be about and it's like 10 steps backwards and not 1 step forward.

    I don't have a solution to this and most of the gaming industry also has none, I just know that it's not MMORPG and it's not a seamless world if you're permanently taken out of it, basically everywhere where it matters, and put into your own little 5-25 man game, or maybe 80 man game in PvP. Allowing players to completely disappear from this world and preventing any form of interaction by teleporting them into instances is not MMORPG.

    I think it was different in Ultima Online.
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    imo they're a bad replacement for the old group quests.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aGit View Post

    imo they're a bad replacement for the old group quests.
    Hmmm I like scenarios but I think they should have kept group quests for 1-85. Now that we have CRZ it should be a lot easier to do them (or at least find groups).

    I miss Silverpine forest and the pyrewood village and all those elite mobs

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    I find it funny when people complain about Pandaren lore and how MoP doesn't fit, when WC3 (one of the best RTS games of our generation, and heralded as a marvel in storytelling) completely changed Warcraft lore, including several retcons, introducing tons of new races and factions and even an entire new continent.

    Yet somehow MoP, which essentially is doing the same as WC3 (updating old races' lore, explaining things in more detail, introducing a new race / continent, etc), came out of nowhere and doesn't match WoW at all.

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    What doesn't feel like it belongs: Cataclysm Edition(Opinion Based)and what

    Female Worgen: Honestly Blizzard listen to people way to much on this one......on that there is people who like it.Not me I despise them because they look nothing like there male counter part at all and breaks the immersion for one of the coolest races.

    Most of the 1-60 revamped content and a portion of Uldum: Most of them were either decent or just outright terrible....and the worst one is they didn't do a damn thing with Stromgarde and Arathi Highlands(yeah not really Doesn't belong just a personal quip). Parodies are fine but when half a zone is parodies it just kills the mood of said zone.

    Deathwing's retardation:Which has been addressed,he was not handled that well in Cataclysm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maniac2 View Post
    1. MoP as a whole expansion - yes, i play MoP, but whole China-like architecture, quests, Npcs , its just feel alien seeing it in WoW, not to mention pandaren race and monks.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nyaldee View Post
    Short and simple: MOP.
    Quote Originally Posted by docterfreeze View Post
    Pandas, they had 0 significant impact on the lore before Pandailia, and now we play as them...
    Ya'll be tripping O.o

    Also I wasn't aware that you could have China-like quests. Or NPC's for that matter. This isn't SATW :P

    Quote Originally Posted by Miralynn View Post
    People who only log into various forums to whine about how this or that thing 'doesn't belong'. No one likes 'stop having fun' guy.

    Yeah I gotta admit If I could get rid of one thing in WoW it would be the people who shout their opinions to the high heavens and yet don't have all the facts.*

    *I am not in any way shape or form insinuating that any specific person in this thread or others is like this. If you assume that I am referring to you that is all on you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by haaku View Post
    Actually they did, and we have all read the lore, where did it once justify an whole expansion? Never.
    No they didn't come out of no where. Coming out of no where would be a entire new race with a entirely new area that no one has never heard of before. Chen is one of the FOUNDERS of Orgimmar. Obviously they need to expand or make new lore up to create more expansions. Are you gonna complain about a expansion that is out of nowhere, that isn't previously in the lore? Was the amount of lore for the Pandaren enough to justify the expansion? You would think no right, apparently you were wrong cause they did and did a good job at it. This isn't the first time they did this, they did this with the space goats and they had a role in TBC.

    This was the first time IMO they Blizzard took a shot at creating something that was almost foreign to them. They had almost nothing to go back on, no lore, no back story from previous games about a race and the land they inhabit. They IMO NEEDED to do this, to show that they can make new lore. Not only that, the whole expansion isn't about the Pandaren or did you miss the Mantid, Mogu, the Zandalari trolls, the war between the Horde and Alliance, the whole Siege of Orgrimmar. Yes they play a big role this is true, but the whole expansion ISN'T about just them or even their main focus. I feel like the main focus is the Horde/Ally war and it just happens to be in Pandaria and it is shifting back to the main continents soon.

    Doctorfreeze, we were just at Northrend a couple expansions ago. Does Blizzard make remake Northrend like they did with the old world? Bolvar as the Lich King and dealing with that, feels more like a major raid patch. If they were gonna do a Bolvar Lich King expansion, he better somehow move somewhere else to a brand new place. Even if you added Bolvar that is still what 3 arcs? As I said Blizzard will have to make new content up and Pandaria was their big test a test IMO they are passing.

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