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    Quote Originally Posted by The King in Yellow View Post
    Tri spec?..... this is just getting sad....
    How is this sad? I just don't get the qq about this. Also stop with the april fools thing already it has been going on since hearthstone announcement and it is already old.
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    Top of the Page bug.

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    Third spec, as a paladin, I have to say it - ABOUT FUCKING TIME!
    An example: try raiding as holy/prot and do dailies with those.
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    Anyone see the Robot pet and think 'Bad Robot' from the little advertisement from the studio/company of the same name at the end of Lost episodes?

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    whoa tri-spec! finally. >.<

    inb4 druids asking for a 4th spec...

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    I am going to assume Tri-spec is just in time for April fools.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rinleezwins View Post
    Third spec, as a paladin, I have to say it - ABOUT FUCKING TIME!
    An example: try raiding as holy/prot and do dailies with those.
    Are you serious? Are you even remotely serious? Have you seen how much damage you can do with Holy? Do you even holy, bro? There is absolutely NO REASON for a third spec.

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    Oh great, tri-spec without any solution to offspec ninjaing... that isn't going to lead to more trouble at all. Seriously need to put the need+ system into dungeons...

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    Quote Originally Posted by tangers58 View Post
    Oh great, tri-spec without any solution to offspec ninjaing... that isn't going to lead to more trouble at all. Seriously need to put the need+ system into dungeons...

    If you play US side, I made a post about my concerns dealing with this and the current five man looting system:

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    Tri spec is an early April fools joke. If you read the text you would see a 0.01 sec cast time

    Can be cast while dead
    Can be cast while mounted
    Disregards immunity effects

    Can be cast while stealthed

    Does not engage target
    Cannot miss
    Persists through death

    Can be cast while stunned
    Can be cast while feared
    Can be cast while confused

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    3rd spec is quite reasonable. It currently costs a whole 6G to change every single talent and glyph. The only real cost is changing to a different spec. Although I'm not quite sure what I would do with it. As a shaman who is currently ele/restro, I would need a new gear set to use enh... there is simply 0 overlap or anyway for one to really make use of the other gear set.

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    Well, learning a spec has never had a castbar. Activating another spec than the one you're in does though.
    I really hope this is real.

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    If the Third Spec really IS an April Fools joke it seems like an unusually cruel one for Blizzard. There are people out there that have been asking/hoping for this for quite some time so for Blizz to tease it just seems like a slap in the face. What's next year? New Player Models! (j/k...April Fools!). Blizz's April Fools jokes are usually more benign than this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keristrasza View Post
    Doesn't matter, if they have the will to do it then they should be rewarded. However "easy" you might think it is (I am assuming you never did it yourself) or not, 200 mounts isnt something to sneeze at. That being said I think it is incredibly lazy of them to spit out a mount people got after collecting 100. I don't care if it has an updated model and armor stapled too it, we already got a dragonhawk, something new (And not crappy like that horrid kite) would be nice.
    I have 216 unique mounts on my main. I had extremely close to if not already 200 mounts when MoP hit and without the most coveted ones at that.

    You basically said the same thing as me.
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    If Tri-spec was to be an April Fools joke, I bet Blizzard is now scrambling to code it... There'll be a lot of irate customers otherwise. Announcing they were removing dual-spec would be more in line with their April Fools type antics.

    Hell, I leveled up a second Priest just so I could have a PvP spec without having to compromise keybindings/layouts on my main. I'm super excited about tri-spec!

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    *Looks at the Wrathion pic*

    Wrathion Can't See

    Oh noes guys! We must've taken too many of his Eye of the Black Prince's

    Anyway, I'm excited that they are bringing the engineering things back in after they scrapped it for 5.2.

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    That Faerie dragon mount, might be the first Blizz mount i purchase.

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    Love that faerie dragon mount, the little fey drakes always were some of my favorite mobs.

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    it looks....ok. Not sure I'd pay their standard 25 bucks for it, even then only if you can choose when the color changes and it's not random. I don't want that brown color scheme coming up ever.

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    Sha of Pride confirmed, just listened to the audio from Wowhead, seems you interact with Shaohao in some form and he reveals he never got over Pride

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