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    New 5.3 Model datamined from PTR

    For anyone still out in the blue, this is an APRIL FOOLS JOKE!!!

    A new model for Lor'Themar has been datamined from the PTR.
    What do you think?

    EDIT: Click on it for a larger version of the image

    Is it me or is he wearing Thrall's armor from when he was still the warchief (AKA Orgrim Doomhammer's plate)?
    Lor'Themar becoming the new Warchief?
    Let the speculation begin!
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    pls no puppy elfes for leader

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    April 1st .

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    It's not April first (for everyone) yet. Please no more jokes.
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    Hello handsome~

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    If he becomes Warchief I'm going to be angry.

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    Kudos on the photoshop. You can find the armor on the model for Thrall made by Vaanel.

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    Vaanel. That is all you need to know.

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    Impressive April 1st.

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    That is an awesome model.

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    I must say that model is quite impressive, i wouldnt mind if they updated Theron to look like this.. just make armor red since we know he won't be warchief :P

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    Doomhammer's Doomplate armor (that Orgrim Doomhammer once wore) and Thrall wore it when he was the warchief:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Admiral Daelin Proudmoore View Post
    Kudos on the photoshop. The armor is stolen from the model for Thrall made by Vaanel.
    Or the model itself was actually made by Vaanel for his April's 1st...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trassk View Post
    Vaanel. That is all you need to know.
    I could stare at this man's work for hours.
    Not just this model but almost everything he's made is absolutely beautiful.

    This is probably my favourite now.

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    ''cough Vaanel cough''
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    Quote Originally Posted by Travio View Post
    Or the model itself was actually made by Vaanel for his April's 1st...
    Now I feel stupid.

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    OMFG that model looks great! but.... 1st april.... D: It would be great if it were actually real D:

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    Ohh fuck it! It looks so good that i don't think it is a 1st april jocke

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    April Fool's everybody!
    Well for me its still the thirty first still. :P

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    Oh the joy of this god awful day...

    Anyway, he looks neat enough, though I do prefer him in red. If he were to get a new model I'd say it might as well be completely unique, like Vol'jin.

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    Always been a big fan of Vaanel. Followed the making of alot of those projects he's had, and always liked the depth of design on the armor. And if that indeed was a coming update for Lor'Themar's armor and looks then I would welcome it gladly. Just because a charecter finally progresses in lore instead of being a annoyed soldier whom didn't even want to lead in the first place.

    Lor'Themar needs some love, and the Sin'dorei needs to grow in their story now, they've been stick in the same vortex for so long (Same with Draenei).

    P.s. Stop sending all resources to Orgrimmar and finish building Silvermoon City and repaired the lands.
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