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    Table/Database of all cards so far. Sortable by cost/class etc.

    Hopefully it'll make the theory crafting and planning your decks easier!

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    Missing hunter under class minions?

    Otherwise it looks good

    Oh and if you can't find any Hunter minions to add, I'm pretty sure the snakes spawned by snake trap would count?

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    Yeah, I think all the 'Beast' cards are Hunter only minions. Will update, thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by justjimmy View Post
    Hopefully it'll make the theory crafting and planning your decks easier!

    No offense, but couldn't you have just posted this in your wiki thread?
    It sort of feels like you're simply trying to advertise.

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    Thanks Luci for the clickable links!

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    I fixed your links so that people can click but I really think you should put your updates to the wiki site in your wiki thread to reduce any clutter:

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