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    "Outgrown" Wow?!

    Hey guys,

    I just started playing again a couple of days after having a break of more than 2.5 years (was travelling for that long). I played WoW alot before and I really enjoyed it, every expansion had something and I would always find a reason why I´d wanna log in.

    In Classic I loved how broken stuff was and there was a lot more you could do if you´d just get into it. From the wallwalking which was so fckn exiting and you could literally find new stuff nobody had seen before (not meant to be seen obviously).... farming the barmans shanker before the Mauraudon patch til the time when you could literally not play due to disconnects every few minutes and whole servers having constant ms from over 400 (serverside lag not clientside).... and of course the new realms ... I´d "start again" and enjoy myself for a while but then eventually go back to my old realm and play my rogue again.

    Burning Crusade introduced so many things like flying that was something everyone had hoped for at the time and the first new races... sooo much grinding and content that even if you couldn´t do it gave you the feeling that there will always be something.

    In WOTLK, even though many people complained about how easy everything was... there was a lot of challenges for those who were looking for them. I don´t think I´ll ever forget the moment in teamspeak when we got the [A Tribute to Immortality] Achievement. It was months after the first guild had gotten it but we never thought we´d be able to get it. Teamspeak went mad needless to say.

    With the ICC Patch I had to reduce my playtime by alot. I could only play on weekends (army), but I always kindof missed it. Then in late 2010 I left home and only just got back two weeks ago. I never really played Cataclysm (lvld to 85 and did some dungeons)... but I think I would´ve been at it with all the free time I could find.

    Now I activated my account again and I see all the content. So insanely much I can´t possibly do it all or even get close and there´d be so much I´d wanna do but somehow... it kinda lost its magic, and I don´t know why. My realm was medium pop when I left and now theres literally nobody online. Tradechat that was being spammed with anything and everything turned into ... well just nothin. Theres nobody in Orgrimmar and theres 2thousand items on the AH. This might add a lot to me feeling like wow has lost a lot of its charm. Whats a game without or very few players? A singleplayer I guess. A scenario kinda game where you just follow the story line like in COD and try and "get through it". The only interaction is on the LFG/R channel or in bgs, and there the people might as well be robots for all the "human" interactions you get. Dont get me wrong Im not that needy but its just different.

    I could transfer to another server but I just feel like it might not be just the people.

    Pretty much my entire friendlist stopped playing and my guild disbanded and most people from it left the server or wow. (Guild was founded in 2005)

    I really want to like playing again but I... well ... I don´t.

    Anyone feeling like this and know whats wrong?

    Me or the game, and is there something anyone can think of might help?

    No tragedy if I don´t play it anymore I´m just a little disappointed and I can´t really place that disappointment.

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    You've probably just "outgrown" it. And I don't mean that in a negative way towards WoW, I just mean your interests have changed, and while you want to like it because of the fond memories of past good times, it may just not be your thing anymore.
    You also have to remember, as a general rule, that MMORPGs are not very good video games. They are community and friend driven, so if all those you used to play and share good times with are gone, much of what made the game good has "gone" with it.

    Perhaps you just need to sink a lot of time in it to get re-invested again. But honestly, you may just want to walk away with your good memories still in tack, some of the elements you describe as being good memories from the past have been just plain destroyed in today's WoW.

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    You liked it once, but sounds like that's over.

    Also if the realm population is the problem, try a higher servers, some servers aren't as busy as they used to be.

    Blizzard is doing amazing this expansion, they give us everything they think off which is pretty nice.

    Maybe you outgrown gaming mate?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dundebuns View Post
    In the past expansion I was always some minor character while Metzen did everything.

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    you really don't need to speak to anyone in the game anymore, have done dungeons where no one spoke one word, kinda boring to me.

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    I was a big marvel comics fan for about 10 years, since I was 14, and brought loads of comics each month. I couldn't stop reading, had the best times getting engrossed in those stories and even shared them with friends who were also into them. But, after 10 years of it, my interest just slipped away. With to many things changing in comics, lack of interest in the stories, and cost, I slowly stopped reading them, until I gave up entirely.

    Its just a common matter for anyone to lose interest in something over time. After all this is a hobby, not a job, and as deeply involved we feel about it, we all go the same way in the end.

    So, if your interest in wow isn't there anymore and things don't peg you, its well worth finding a new hobby, new game. Just make sure you keep in contact with friends you made from it and your do fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lionspride View Post
    You liked it once, but sounds like that's over.

    Also if the realm population is the problem, try a higher servers, some servers aren't as busy as they used to be.

    Blizzard is doing amazing this expansion, they give us everything they think off which is pretty nice.

    Maybe you outgrown gaming mate?
    Receiving everything, doesn't automatically mean it's good.
    It was nice having to work for some things - stuff to look forward at some point in time. Ya know?

    A lot of us outgrow WoW, it's already,.. what,. 8 years old now?

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