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    Scribe crafted cloaks? Could it be?

    On the front page with the list of new items I noticed some cloaks named surprisingly like the darkmoon card decks, for example
    Ox Cloak
    Crane Cloak
    Tiger Cloak

    There is no info yet, where they come from, I logged on ptr on my scribe, haven't found new recipes yet, but the names got me thinking, perhaps it could be possible that they are crafted by scribes? Or at least that the recipe includes some part crafted by scribe?

    What do you think

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    Cloaks granted from Wrathion Legendary quest 5.3. If you are ok with spoilers, listen to soundfiles.

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    To me, it's quite unlikely as scribes are all about ink (and paper). Having a paper cloak isn't really that comfy. Cloaks are more a leatherworker/tailor thing.

    Also, those animals are just the spirit beasts/gods of the Pandaren.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nymrohd View Post
    Cloaks granted from Wrathion Legendary quest 5.3. If you are ok with spoilers, listen to soundfiles.
    "only" 522 cloaks when people on that questline are most likely better geared seems such a waste. Then again, no stats on the cloaks yet, so things might change in that regard still.
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    Well, in the files he says now you have this gift from the celestials and after something or other I'll infuse it with my Draconic powers. So I'm guessing you'll get it and it'll have no stats then you do some other bs for him and he upgrades it to legendary status with something better than normal secondary stats. Seems to be the theme.

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