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    Good class for a beginner

    I decided to give Diablo 3 a try, and I didn't play Diablo 2 when it was popular. I'm looking for a class that's not so gear dependent. As far as what class is fun, i understand it's a subjective matter, but i would appreciate any kind of input about which class you've enjoyed playing and why.

    I heard Demon hunters were really powerful when the game was released but is it very gear dependent now?
    Does anyone know which class has been nerfed since release, and which class has become more viable?

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    They are all viable. And if somebody says a certain class is way better, odds are they play that class themselves.

    Barbarians with a 2h weapon are crazy good fun.

    Yes, I play barbarian.
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    With the buff to pets, witch doctors seem easy enough for beginners. Let your pets do the tanking.

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    What was your favorite class in Diablo 2? Since you played it, that makes it really easy. I was freaking out just before Diablo 3 was released and then I started looking at the classes. I really hadn't looked into them much because I had been so busy and didn't recognize the names at all besides Barbarian. Then I looked at the Demon Hunter and was like hey, just like an Amazon. Witch Doctor was similar to a necromancer. Wizard and Sorceress par up and Monk and paladin.

    It made things really easy for me because Sorc was by far my favorite class. I never looked back. But if you really liked one of the classes in the last game, then there's a class that pairs up. (Minus Assassins and Druids of couse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pendulous View Post
    With the buff to pets, witch doctors seem easy enough for beginners. Let your pets do the tanking.
    Yet only 8% of the community play them, last I heard. ;o

    I wonder whyyyyyy... =X
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    Pet classes are normally the easiest to pick right up, although I'm not sure I would classify the WD as being the easiest as I remember I died quite often in the beginning. The monk was the easiest for me anyway.

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    They all play so differently, so I would say play them all!
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    I would start with "play them all to the Skeleton King and see what you think." Barb is pretty good, though melee, but is about as close to OP as a d3 class gets. I've found Witch Doctor pretty fun and relatively survivable. Monks also are a "top" class since they buffed them recently (from what I can tell via the forums anyways, mine is mid teens and plays well enough). I find classes with some range easier than melee, but that's purely due to my own issues messing up my movement. I'd also suggest avoiding the AH and RMAH for awhile. Though you can get some great upgrades cheap, it does deprive you of the "sweet loot" feeling if you go overboard. Once you feel comfortable (after the first couple missions), I'd also suggest hopping back to the character "resume/select quest" screen and knocking Monster Power up to 1 for a little more gold, xp, and nice items (assuming you're not playing hard core mode). I haven't attempted mp2, but have done mp10 with a friend. The only time you might consider knocking it down in mp (monster power) is boss fights, but on normal, you'll probably be fine if you're competent.

    Let us know what you think and ask questions. The official boards seem to have folks willing to answer questions that show some thought has already been put in prior to the post, but 99.99% of the builds and posts are about paragon leveling, which isn't great for those of us just getting into the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssambakd View Post
    I heard Demon hunters were really powerful when the game was released but is it very gear dependent now?
    DHs are the worst class in game hands down. No other class is even close to the pile of shit DH have become. Monks and Barbs can do speed MP 10 runs in Keeps 2 and Crater 2 with budget gear with little chance of dying. A DH would have to spend 500 mil gold to do just the same and they would still probably die. They are forced to rely on Shadow Power as a crutch for everything. They have no 1 shot hard hitting abilities like Rend, Exploding Palm, or Wave of Light. They went from the fastest farmers to the slowest. WDs using 3 movement speed abilities are faster. WW/Sprint Barbs are faster, TR Monks are faster. DHs are just pointless to play when every other class is so much better is laughable.

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    Babarian or Wizard OP. Any other classes aint close for what you are looking for.

    BUT! I would take whatever you find the most fun/interesting.
    One reason for WoW decline I often hear is that its an old game and naturally people get bored with it. But TV is much older and people still watch that. Surely if a thing you once enjoyed keept staying fun, you would still use it?

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