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Thread: CGI for SoO

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    CGI for SoO

    Ok I have been thinking about this for few days and I honestly think there should be a CGI movie for SoO raid at the beggining of it and after.

    By CGI I dont mean cinematics like in DS or ICC but real badass CGI like the the expansion cinematics.
    This is finally a raid to capital of one of he two factions in WoW it desrves a cinematic and I think the Blizz CGI team should start working on.(it if not allready)

    These are the cinematics I mean:

    I hope the comunity agrees alot and Blizzard really does it so help if you like the idea.
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    They won't. Too much budget and time spent on something that literally is for only 1 patch in WoW. A trailer for an entire expansion? SURE! Blow some budget and time on it. But for a raid? Nah. Won't happen.

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    At most we will get something like that Jade Forest cutscene. I bet it will happen in 5.3 and 5.4.
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    It wouldn't fit in with their new fast-paced business model because it would take a bit of time to make.

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    Those cinematics take a lot of time to make, enough so that I doubt one would be done by the time SoO was ready for release. I'd rather they use machinima and get the raid out sooner than use a full rendered cinematic and hold the raid up for it.

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    I'd love to see it, but they'd have had to get started on that three months ago to get a decently-sized one while still being able to get the patch out on schedule... I assume that they steal some of the in-game artists for their project.... but yeah either way, it's a lot of work and a lot of money to make those... so while I think SoO deserves it, I wouldn't hold my breath : /

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    I'd also love to see it, but as people have said, it's unlikely.

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    No I want to see like Wrathgate, Lich King's death, or Jade Forest Battle

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    People will watch it a single time once it's datamined--before ever setting foot in the raid--and then mash Esc the second in pops up in game. So why bother at all?

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