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    IDK what the point of this is. PvE geared people don't do as well in PvP as PvP geared people, and PvP geared people don't do as well in PvE as PvE geared people.
    The issue is that Blizzard gives the double standard. For a PvE player coming into PvP, they want to ease the transition, give 65% base resilience, ect.

    But the second that PvP player wants to queue an easy LFR, it's "Oh hell no" and they lower the ilvls on the PvP gear to keep the gear under as many LFR wings as possible.

    They completely wrecked their attempt at shrinking the gap in PvP this patch by nerfing the honour gear down to 476 from 483, and increasing the gap between new season and last solely because that gear could queue into ToT LFR.

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    Its how i "geared" my rogue for pve. Funny thing is, in full malev I was in the top 5 dps. Kinda sad.
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