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    AH "really hurt the game" - Wilson

    Story in Joystiq.

    EDIT: gold AH too, he says.
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    Congratulations Jay Wilson for finally figuring out what everyone that is not a Blizzard addict already knew.

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    People traded items in D2 - there were even websites dedicated to item trade. What's different?
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    The only thing D3 is good for anymore is to log in and talk to my friends through battlenet when im sitting at my pc.
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    The number of active players is a bigger news then the AH not working.

    1 million a day

    3 million unique users a month (he refers the the time frame before he left so Jan 2013)

    12 million copies sold (guessing it includes the WOW annual pass)

    25% retention rate, for what was a cult game, 7 months into its existence (may 2012 - jan 2013)

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    People saw this a mile away , as soon as it was announced. The damage is done now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wombinator04 View Post
    $6 for a game made in 1993? If it was free then maybe I would buy it instead of pirating it.

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    This from a guy in 2013, who said in 2012 that the items dropping in an item hunt game were tuned with the presence of the AH in mind. Some people should just stfu and Jay Wilson is top of that list.

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    i got full legendary like an hour after completing inferno thanks to ah which meant i didn't have any desire to continue playing so it worked wonderfully for me

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    Wow. Not only is he wrong, he's extra wrong. First, the auction house didn't kill anything. The itemization killed pricing, which killed the auction house. I'm not about to defend sitting in games for hours because you want an item, only for people to come in and either troll the shit out of you, or never bother trading because it's all about screwing over the person you're trading with.

    The "extra wrong" comes because he flat out says the point of the game is to kill Diablo. Since when has the Diablo series been about story and not about gear farming?

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    So delicious.

    When I read this news I was eating a slice of the carrot cake I made last night. Almost died of the diabetes when compounded with this news.

    For good or ill, I think the RMT Ah was a watershed for mainstream games. Where the practice was mostly relegated to MMOs previously. But D3 was a mass market success. That opens the doors for future games to iterate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeltrusDisc View Post
    I love how he conveniently realizes this and speaks of this 'revelation' of his... after he left the game/Blizzard.

    It's funny, really.
    I thought he just stepped down as director of Diablo 3. Did he also leave the company?

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    Quote Originally Posted by namelessone View Post
    People traded items in D2 - there were even websites dedicated to item trade. What's different?
    The difference is that the AH is very easy to use. Alle people are concentrated to a central trading platform. Also the item drop rate with useful stats, is balanced around the fact, that this easy platform exists. Many players can trade on the same platform -> too much good items would hurt the market. Thats why item drops with ok stats are very rare....

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    What really hurt Diablo 3 was that it was a horrible game. It would have been great 10 years ago. But giving it free to wow players would be like giving Bill Gates a dollar. It aint gonna be appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeltrusDisc View Post
    I think so? Maybe I misinterpreted or am remembering wrong.
    He left DIII but not Blizzard for some other project or whatever. Regardless RMAH was a bad idea always. The AH was way too dependable for gearing up which IMO is bad. I used to deny this but not anymore. Oh well. I suppose someone else will try and fix DIII or attempt to and fail and get yelled at by the fans again. Cycle repeats.

    What really hurt Diablo 3 was that it was a horrible game. It would have been great 10 years ago. But giving it free to wow players would be like giving Bill Gates a dollar. It aint gonna be appreciated.
    That didn't hurt the game.
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    deleted post its gone
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    "But he said that once the game went live, Blizzard realized it was completely wrong about those last two points. It turns out that nearly every one of the game's players (of which there are still about 1 million per day, and about 3 million per month, according to Wilson) made use of either house, and that over 50 percent of players used it regularly."

    did the D3 devs have no idea that WoW existed and that the AH in WoW is a ginormous part of the game...? it's like they crawled out from under a rock at blizzard. so glad he's not lead designer anymore for D3 or even on that team. that'll learn you blizzard, that'll learn you.

    some peeps gonna hate it, but "Bind on Equip" WoW-style woulda fixed a lot of AH issues.

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