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    Amalgamation of:
    Christopher lee, mark Hamill, GLaDOS and whoever voiced Bastion
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mcstunner View Post
    sylvanas' voice is horrible imo, i'd prefer a bird squawking over her voice.
    I'm OK with her vocal quality. Her delivery on the other hand ...

    Quote Originally Posted by Proberly View Post
    Ugh no please no. Ron Perlman is a horrible actor, and voice actor.
    Perlman isn't half bad. But I'm not sure he suited to the role. Sargaras needs to sound imposing, indomitable and merciless.

    Quote Originally Posted by TidesOfBlood View Post
    Is she the same person that voiced her in Wc3 TFT? Bcuz sylvanas sounded damn good in the xpac. I don't know what happened to her in WoW haha.

    Gave me friggin chills.

    They changed her VA in patch 3.2. From the clip you shown me, while I agree she is better than the current VA, the last few lines during the escape still don't feel right.

    This is why I call into question Blizzard's script and directing. They need writers and directors that can probably setup and execute dramatic moments. WoW's dialogue and cutscenes are IMHO a bad joke - a B movie quality joke.

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    they need to do a megatron voice

    megatron and sargy are the same guy

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    morgan freeman

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    Jeremy Irons. Make it happen, Blizz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vertex705 View Post

    Chris Metzen


    dont want every character sounding the same!

    hes a good voice actor, but he already voices half the npcs in the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Celista View Post
    gogogogo guy or the voice of billy?

    billy! that would make the encounter a lot creepier.
    Quote Originally Posted by endus View Post
    A thread about how hard it is being a white dude is not really a reasonable topic.
    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel View Post
    You are assuming Cybran actually reads the articles he links.
    I suspect he is actually some Soviet algorithm gone rogue, transmitting from some forgotten bunker, responding to keywords by googling them and adding "+bad" to the search query, and then just copy/pasting anything it comes across.

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    Personally I think Simon Templeman should voice Sargeras. For those that don't know he voiced Kain in the Legacy of Kain series of games. He's one of my favorite voice actors and I think he's do a fantastic job as the fallen titan.
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    I agree with another post on here. Matthew Rhode should do the voice. You can catch him every morning on He is a New York actor and would be perfect for the job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peggleftw View Post

    dont want every character sounding the same!

    hes a good voice actor, but he already voices half the npcs in the game.

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    billy! that would make the encounter a lot creepier.
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    Tim Curry.
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    Christopher Walken.

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    Of the other suggestions I'd say Tim Curry, particularly given his performance in Legend.

    But I still think Brian Blessed is the best man for the job.
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    My votes are
    Morgan Freeman

    Jeremy Irons

    Vin Deisel(sp?)

    Or just for SnG.... Sean Connery.

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    Hugo Weaving, the voice of Megatron.

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    (Andrea Libman)known as

    ooor we take

    (Amon Amarth Johan Hegg <3)
    sargeras as badass Viking

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zehir View Post
    I think that's already been decided though I could be wrong Whoever that is
    Actually it is Sargeras voice, IT IS, it isn't some demon, Nathrezim, Void Lord or something... It's SARGERAS.

    Anything but Metzen, really...

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    Nyhm should be the voice of sargaras.
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    Dave motherf***in Mustaine. /swag

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    David Warner

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