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    Benedict Cumberbatch

    I seriously think the man is capable of anything.

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    Michael Ironside

    Frank Welker

    Earl Boen (He also played the Pshychiratist in the first 3 Terminator movies and voices all race starting area cinematics in WoW and Terenes Menethil II during WotLK)

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    Honey Boo Boo

    Scariest shit on earth.

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    Alan Rickman.
    Quote Originally Posted by biolink22 View Post
    rogue "glory hole helm"

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    How about Gilbert Gottfried?
    Story goes: Vanilla WoW->last expansion.

    The talent agent(Sargeras) looks at us and asks, "Amazing act, what do you call yourselves?"

    We answer in unison: "The Aristocrats!"
    End credits.

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    I feel any megatron has the right personality for sargy

    except for maybe armada's

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    Morgan Freeman

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    Anyone who can make it badass without added bass and echos, the whole "echoing" evil voice is overused in wow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Satanous View Post
    Anyone who can make it badass without added bass and echos, the whole "echoing" evil voice is overused in wow.
    so megatron

    the animated series variation only had a metallic echo to the voice which would fit with the titans in general.

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    XT Deconstructor
    A story of travel and experience from around the world

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    I think that's already been decided though I could be wrong Whoever that is
    This Voice is so amazing D:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maddoxx View Post
    This Voice is so amazing D:
    What voice would be good for a Sargeras in a human guise instead?

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