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    Fate of the Korkron

    What do you think will happen to korkron after the siege? These people have been fighting for us for many years in outland, northrend, azeroth. Trying to win wars, save lives. Now to show that garrosh is bad, all of them have been demonized. Will they be disbanded, killed, reformed ?

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    Here's the thing. We can't see it in-game, but I would bet money that these 'Kor'kron' are not the same Kor'Kron that Thrall commanded. At least not most of them. The Kor'Kron were the elite, and the elite would be very loyal to the beliefs of the warchief. As for these Kor'Kron..they'll probably die in the service of their current Warchief and be happy to do so. Lok'tar Ogar, and all that.

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    Fate of the Kor'kron should be a bunch of shrunken heads lining a Loa temple in Echo Isles.

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    As Stelaris said, I think these Kor'kron aren't loyal to Thrall's Horde - but Garrosh's. They were probably brutes hand-picked for ruthlessness! Most of the mobs we'll fight in 5.4 will most likely be sha-tainted Kor'kron.
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    Before Garrosh recruited everyone and their mother into the Korkron, they were an elite squad garding the Warchief and not the whole army.
    Another thing that gets me is the general chat when inside the Garrison. It totally reminds me of every prison film I've ever watched. The prisoners confined to their cells are talking to each other through the walls. Their chat is mostly pointless, vulgar and revolving around stuff they ll do once they get out. This is EXACTLY the content of every Garrison chat I've ever had to tolerate.

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    The new Kor'khon flag/tabard says it all. Warsong Clan.

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