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    Challenge Modes!

    I'm going to try to start running challenge modes over the weekend. I currently play a WW/BrM Monk (so I can tank if necessary). I'm most interested in the mount for silvers, but I'd like to go for gold too, just because I don't want to settle. My monk's name is Mushu on Zuluhed (sorry this is like my first post, can't link). RealID is Croakie#1694 if you guys want to add/talk to me on wow. Thanks!

    p.s. I have just recently started back, so any information/experience in Cmodes is GREATLY appreciated.

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    I shall add you when I get home

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    Lots of groups form for CModes on openraid.

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    Openraid should probably be your go-to for CMs. I never used it because i had a group on my server but ive seen a LOT of groups from openraid on the leader boards.

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