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    Oh I just realized that they either retconned Rokhan being there in the first place to it being Voljin, or forgot about it themselves. That is sad. I don't particularly miss Rokhan, but I hate retcons. It makes things feel strange for no good reason.
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    MMO-C is like Frostmourne. This is where the souls of the WoW quitters come to live, forever echoing their thoughts through the dark abyss, unable to die, unable to rest. Forever.

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    Rokhan showed up in Dragonblight, Nazgrel showed up in Hellfire Peninsula, Drek'thar is in Alterac Valley and Rexxar has spent time in Descolace and Blade's Edge.

    I don't think they have been retconned or even forgotten, at least not entirely. They have just been forgotten in recent developments.

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