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    Ko'ragh and Careful Aim

    I'm sure all of you have noticed that when Ko'ragh's shield is <35% we're able to use Kill Shot - even if it's only once per 10 seconds rather than twice. However this got me thinking, if we're able to use execute spells when the shield is in execute range, is Careful Aim active when his shield is between 100-80%?

    I can't figure out a way to track this. I tried to make a WeakAura for it but can't figure it out, since Careful Aim isn't a real buff. I can get it to track when a target is 100-80%, but that's pretty much useless. Does anyone know if Careful Aim is up every time his shield recharges? If so, this could change our rotations a bit.

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    well i don't think CA phase counts to ''shields'' in general, at least i don't see any difference with trying to kill disc priest in pvp mode

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    I think the point is that execute abilities are also not related to shields. CA basically just allows 2 execute ranges. I would assume that yes, it would work, since executes seem to work on the shield regardless of his HP. I thought it was a little odd on my assassination rogue. Odd, but very nice to be able to spam dispatch for alot of the fight! . I can't help but feeling that this is bugged with a fix incoming though.....

    EDIT: (My advice would be to try it. Pool up some energy and RF ready and see if you get alot of crits! :P)

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    kill shot is ability when CA is passive so they will act differently. also kill shot seems to proc when u target DEAD person and vanish when u target alive target, so it might be bugged a bit. Ko'ragh shield proccing execute skills may be intended or not, blizz hasn't answered anything about it.

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