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    Helpful Threads

    Here's a list of helpful threads for Hunters, if you have any suggestions/additions, please post it in this thread.

    MoP Threads

    Conando's Survival Hunter Guide (5.3)

    What is the best pet for…

    [Weakauras] Clampys' Hunter Aura Group!

    Siege of Orgrimmar Hunter Loot Table

    Tier 15 Hunter Raiding Tips and Tricks
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    Since we have literally zero up to date Hunter guides, here are some links to EJ and IcyVeins 5.2 guides:

    Elitist Jerks and their Hunter guides:

    Icy Veins and their Hunter Guides: Beast Mastery , Marksmanship , Survival

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    Coming from the Warlock community, I kinda expected to see something similar for hunters. But, nothing like it. Truly nobody taking responsibility and writing a guide like Brusalk's or Zinnin's? I guess I can understand the magnitude of time required to pull it off, but still... This is sorta disappointing. :/
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