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  • I'm Female: I'd kick him!

    10 2.17%
  • I'm Female: I'm not sure.

    11 2.39%
  • I'm Female: I wouldn't kick him.

    23 4.99%
  • I'm Male: I'd kick him!

    96 20.82%
  • I'm Male: I'm not sure.

    82 17.79%
  • I'm Male: I wouldn't kick him.

    239 51.84%
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    Im female, and im not sure. Honestly it would depend on how im feeling, how much coffee I had that morning etc. However if he did that yolo shit, id kick him so hard... so so hard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jevlin View Post
    Sure I'd even do a sprinting charge.
    Haha made me laugh.

    OT: I would do it if they ask, I'm always open to help someone

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    Oh yes, running head start and *whack*. It's his own fault for asking!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tennine View Post
    Im female, and im not sure. Honestly it would depend on how im feeling, how much coffee I had that morning etc. However if he did that yolo shit, id kick him so hard... so so hard.
    hehe, i got a chuckle out of this.

    I doubt i would, i just couldn't stand inflicting that sort of pain on someone. regardless of how stupid they were for asking.

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    yes i would do it looking at a dumbass in agony for wanting pain would enjoyable.

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    Not sure.. what would the aftermath be?
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    obligatory youtube video of the guinness world record for hardest ever groin kick.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zildjian View Post
    No way. I hate that feeling when you feel your foot make a connection with the ball sack. shudder .
    I'll never know how that is. All I know is how bad it hurts to get knocked in the nuts and yea, i can't willfully do that to anyone.

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    OP you are really lucky, must have been fun!

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    Depends on whether i though he would enjoy it or not: if he would, then no

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    I would kick him with medium strength, watch his reaction, then offer "can I do it again with full strength?"

    He wanted it, not my problem.

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    hell no, if you've ever taken a kick to the nuts you wouldn't do it to anyone!
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    Damn hes been reading to much 50 Shades but I am pretty sure that jokes already been made.

    Knowing exactly what a kick to the nads feels like, I couldn't do it to someone even if they were my worst enemy!

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    Yeah as a medical student, not really.
    I wouldn't mind giving him directions to the nearest mental help institution though.
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    Yeah sure why not. As long as HE wants it and not forced to do this by some prick (which in that case the prick should get the kick in the balls) then why the hell not. It's not very often that you get to kick somebody in the jewels and not get in trouble for it.
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    Noooooooooo. I'm a pacifist in real life.. I do make up for it in games by slaughtering anything that moves though.

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    YES! Although its a rly strong pain, it was his whish and as a kind person i have no choice as to kick him in the nuts!

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    I'd never hit anyone between their legs unless I was forced to or in self defense.
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    Being a male I probably couldn't do it, I would empathize too much with his pain :P It hurts so much it's unreal :/ Only if there was a good reason for me personally to kick some guy in the nuts I would do it..

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    I voted [I'm Male: I wouldn't kick him]. Not because I'd have any problems giving another dude a boot to the baby gravy boat, I just don't trust strangers. As mentioned by previous posters, it would look really bad on CCTV footage.

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