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    Patch 5.4 Siege of Orgrimmar boss listing leaked.

    1. Broxigar Jr.
    2. Koltiras
    3. Galywix
    4. Magitha
    5. Sha of Pride
    7. Garrosh
    8. Ry-u

    This is 100% legit I have evidence and even models of each boss.

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    Going to be glad when April Fools is over. Most people dont even put it an effort.

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    You forgot the heroic mode only boss: All the the ponies from "My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic" fought together at the same time. It's a council style encounter.

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    I can't read anything on the internet today.

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    Terrible April Fools joke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MMOTotal View Post
    I can't read anything on the internet today.
    Agreed. Just another 4/1 post to be locked. Real evidence would be a link to Battlenet 5.4 patch notes.
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    Please stop creating April Fools threads

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