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    Quote Originally Posted by SherbertLand View Post
    It's because nobody really cares if you have a bigger number than them.
    This is True. In fact normally if people link their DPS I assume they're idiots that obv see DPS as higher priority than tactics. Like DragonSoul, you'd always get someone that ignored all the slimes to get higher DPS, or that cleaves Animated Protectors for no real reason.

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    Yesterday I was on my 76 hunter sitting in Sholazar, waiting for Loque to show his face after camping a long long time. This 90 Night Elf Hunter was flying around, I thought it was no big deal because I was minding my own and he started messing with me, killing my pet, frost trapping me, so on so forth. Well, Loque pops up and I instinctively throw an arcane shot to tag him and proceed to trap and tame. Well Mr. Night Elf didn't like that, so he one shotted me, and proceeded to *attempt to tame this rare. I say attempt because he forgot to dismiss his pet and mauled it down... it broke my heart watching all my effort put to waste by this douche bag, and to make matters worse he proceeded to camp on my corpse for about 30 minutes.

    At this very time, a CRZ Panda dick head proceeded to attempt his trolling on me, saying he got frost bitten for that and talking shit. I Fucking Hate the WoW community so damn much...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trassk View Post
    throwing that dam mr T night elf head thing at everyone.
    There are still people running around with Mohawk Grenades? O_o
    Quote Originally Posted by Ulqiorra View Post
    If you equate playing WoW to having electricity, I feel very, very happy for the rest of the world, as that kind of thinking will, inevitably, lead to the eradication of your seed from the gene pool.
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    Here is 1 more:

    Tell the ppl too hug Gary (the trash snail in lfr).
    Then 10 dies .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Descense View Post
    Here is 1 more:

    Tell the ppl too hug Gary (the trash snail in lfr).
    Then 10 dies .

    10 will die anyway. That Snail's the hardest thing in LFR, wipes most of the group every time.

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    Putting down a portal while in a raid when they place a feast down. shit gets real.

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    Ring of Peace before Maddening Shout on Spirit Kings.
    I did it to see what would happen... oh my god, I literally cried laughing. Tank and other DPS just got slaughtered xD

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    I enjoy swooping down from the skies and snatching nodes from players confined to a ground mount in the Pandaria zones.

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    Gquitting with no notice? But in general, yeah, I agree with OP

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    >Place feast in LFR
    >Party grenade

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    I thought the worst thing they could ever give me was lifegrip.

    I was wrong, my priest equipped with voidshift and lifegrip is the most dangerous thing for our raid, the possibilities are almost endless.

    OT in the DS lfr I always used life grip to kill people on the ice wall every time hagara did it, now I life grip people into the elegon hole.
    nothing but empty space here bro. move along now.

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    standing on the floor of Elegon LFR with 3 secs life. Lifegrip some asshat and run off the floor as they fall

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    Quote Originally Posted by Runeweaver View Post
    Ring of Peace before Maddening Shout on Spirit Kings.
    I did it to see what would happen... oh my god, I literally cried laughing. Tank and other DPS just got slaughtered xD
    Hmm reminds me, I like to havoc mindcontrolled/hostile/whatever raid members, finishing them off with a chaos bolt or a shadowburn

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    Quote Originally Posted by gypsybob View Post
    Typing "/me steals 3 Gold and 67 Silver from your pocket."

    You'll be shocked how many people fall for it.
    Someone actually came up with an addon called "Pickpocket" that did this and it had varying amounts. I did this to one guy who damn near hit the roof when it said that I picked his pocket of 50kg while on my rogue

    Also a mage in a past guild loved to put down "Portal storms" as he called them. Had a macro that would place all the portals he had in one place... kinda like portal roulette.

    Another mage who was on the epic staff quest used it to go to Maly's lair and then try to mass summon everyone to it and got alot of ppl as they thought they were going to Hagara's area (both named the same)
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    Another thing with the eggs. Just don't loot the egg and keep the window open standing at max range, and then go AFK.

    Helps if you face away and are in a rabbit costume too. People flip over not being able to loot it. Did this some few years ago after i finished the achievements

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    /cast spell
    on gnome females i have that macro on my main abilities

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    Quote Originally Posted by Archdruid Dehydrate View Post
    Dat god damn "Train Set"
    There is a reason i named my XT pet "Gtfo With Trains"

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    complain in lfr about the tanks not pulling the boss.

    while trash is still alive.

    then pull the boss.

    i honestly don't understand why people cannot wait up to sixty seconds for the tanks to figure out who is going to tank what and then type /readycheck, instead opting to pull the boss with no warning resulting in a wipe that ultimately takes a lot longer than if they had just waited to get anything done.

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    AOEing/dotting the crap out of the whole raid in LFR maddening shout.

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    I link the Bat Mount or the Feldrake and say it is a secret Mount reward for doing the following, depending on the Situation:

    "Jump into the Elegon Circle Pit for secret Mount!"
    "Release Spirit on Lich King. You get secret Mount after release"
    "Stand in front of the Ice Glass in front Brutallus" during roleplay

    Also go Full PvP Gear with PvP Power Gems to Heart of Fear LFR, then wait for Mind Control on first Boss.
    Carefully wind up Chaos Bolt/Powershot so it fires when the Mindcontrolled victim reaches ~~60% Health. Profit.
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