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    Exclamation Why Goblins will Rebel with the rest of the Horde (Spoilers)

    Poor Gearslip! All his friends are dead and what does he get! The Korkron give him a fraction of his fee and why? 'We decided to cheat you because we're deeply racist against goblins! Go die all of you!'. Okay they didn't say that, but they might as well.

    This dialogue from the end of an upcoming scenario:


    And the other half of the conversation:


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    Quote Originally Posted by chaud View Post
    JEEZUS! Lucky there wasn't anything high to throw him of. *shudder*

    P.S. Click on it. In this form the dialogue boxes get cut out.

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    wow that crazy.

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    Chaud coming in out of no where.

    Like a majestic bird.

    Or a hawk of some kind.
    Quote Originally Posted by Imnick View Post
    Mike Morhaine's definitely been using his body to sell copies of WoW.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Destil View Post
    Chaud coming in out of no where.

    Like a majestic bird.

    Or a hawk of some kind.
    Wait.What? Can someone explain this to me?

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    I really hate this new Horde that Garrosh is creating.

    Glory of Queen Azshara!

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    haha, I think its very appropriate of a Garrosh lackey to talk of honor in the same breath where he refuses to honor a contracted payment.Still, I don't suppose Garrosh bothered to read a dictionary much when he was in Outlands crying, so it makes sense that he and his lackeys don't really get what honor truly means
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    Epic stuff, good work on the rapid SS Chaud
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    omg, if goblins will join the rebelion too, do the loyalist orcs stand alone?
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    As a player who adores Goblins very much, I approve of this. Besides, the reason we joined the Horde is because we helped Thrall and vice versa.

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    Not the only reason, kor'kron went kill on sight on the Gob squad (don't worry they survive, all of them, even the new recruits (players)).

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    Damn Malkorok is some douche bag ass hat.

    Don't worry fellow goblins we blew them up soon enough D:
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    I thought it was obvious when i saw Goblins around org on the PTR called 'Underpaid Goblin Engineer'

    Nobody comes between a goblin and his paycheck NOBODY!!!11

    EDIT: Having listened to the soundclip it sounds to me Malkorok was right its not racism he KNOWs the goblins are moneygrubbing parasites who would sell there own granny for gold

    They are the sort of race who would say 3 of his brothers died in battle to claim the insurance money but was inactual fact a only child LOL
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    Ah Malkorok. Please let us kill this f***er. Another generic asshole orc who talks about honor, and then kills people with frag grenades well freezing them in place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KunkkaTheAdmiral View Post
    Damn Malkorok is some douche bag ass hat.

    Don't worry fellow goblins we blew them up soon enough D:
    If you haven't read tides of war you don't know the half of it. Malkorok is a blackrock, but given how Eitrigg was to a blackrock its no excuse to be this kind of a twat.

    This is the kind of character you know was created purposely to be an example of the worst of orcish kind, no background, and no other purpose but to just be a tool for Garrosh and his aggression.

    Also.. he sounds like the orc assassin that stabbed vol'jin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chaud View Post
    That philistine won't escape his fate. What he did to Farley and Kelantir back in ToW will catch up to him.

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    That Malkorok is bad news. I think he does this sort of thing because he enjoys it, does it only so long as Garrosh doesn't stop him.

    The Goblins aren't a united race in the same sense as any other Horde race. They are not a tribe led by a Chief or a nation led by a King. They were all employees of trade princes before Kezan was destroyed and they joined the Horde. Gallywix isn't a racial leader, just the richest Goblin around.

    The goblins have no true loyalty to any leader and will probably individually choose if they rebel or not. The Goblins are a lot harder to call than say, the Tauren.

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    Yeah... I doubt Gallywix will like it when he hears how one of Garrosh's minions didn't honor a goblin contract... The goblins are on our side. =D

    "Reminds me of a dog. You stare at it while it's playing outside, running around in a circle, then stopping up, wagging with a wide "grin", jumping around until you call for the dog. Then it lowers its tail because it think it's done something bad and then you throw the ball, seeing the tail go straight into the air in bliss! ^^" - Gehco

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    Malkorok was always a bad seed.
    And bad seeds are allowed to grow in Garrosh's shade, into FIRM ORCISH TREES OF BAD APPLES.

    Auch, my metaphor!
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    Wait wait wait. So because Malkorok is racist/angry at ONE Goblin, all of Goblin-kind are going to defend him, rise above the hate, and fight for what's right?

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