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    Quote Originally Posted by Grishnaar View Post
    I noticed the title just now, I apologize. Just wanted to help.
    np, sorry if I sounded elitist/grumpy, looking at my posts I might have

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    rbgs are boring to lead but fun to play

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    I just wanted to thank you for this amazing thread.
    I lead a flex raid on openraid for about 2 months, but with the lack of possibility to expand it it got boring and I ended it.
    I figured I'd start an RBG group on openraid and it has been a great success. With completely random people I didnt know we went up in mmr insanely quickly untill we lost to a 2k team on day 1.

    In 3 hours the 3rd run will start. I expect my char to hit 1800 today (char rating is so much slower than mmr :/ ) and then some refining of tacts might be helpfull to deal with the 2k+ teams. And then I found this thread which will help immensely!
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    Glad you enjoyed it/the guide helped you, feel free to ask any questions/unclear things

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    Quote Originally Posted by hypermode View Post
    feel free to ask any questions/unclear things
    A question just came up!

    If ferals are weak / hard to keep usefull in teamfights, I was wondering.
    What exactly makes moonkins worse flag carriers than ferals? They can stealth in the enemy base aswell. With heart of the wild they can do massive healing when they need to tank someone 1v1 for a while. And they have a lot to bring to teamfights.

    I guess the only diffrence is feral's symbiosis-dispersion?

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    that and superior movespeed, predators swiftness, infected wounds and most importantly survival instinct, though a lot of fc druids are opting to choose guardian nowadays for reasons unknown to me (most likely the mastery and thick hide)
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    Ah yes, I thought survival instincts was guardian only.
    That clears that up

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    If bunch on friends who joined rbg just for fun are going together and failing against 2 enemies...You are loosing for sure,happening to me all the time!

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    Fantastic guide OP.

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    Thanks a lot for the time put into this. It really helped.

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    Thanks alot for all the nice comments lately, do know that this hasn't been updated since early 5.4 and therefore isn't 100% accurate on the point of team comps.
    I will update this again a few weeks into WOD

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    Hey guys,

    There is a great new addon out for BG's and especially RBG. Its called MrTarget and you can get it from curse. MrTarget provides Blizzard style PVP ENEMY Unit Frames and Replaces UNREADABLE Player Names for Target Calling purposes. It also tracks your party leaders target making target calling pretty easy as everyone with the addon can see the target. I know that battleground targets is out of date so this is a great choice Definitely worth a look

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    Quote Originally Posted by hypermode View Post
    I will update this again a few weeks into WOD
    I just got back into the game so that would be great! I've never done rbgs'

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    This desperately needs an update, tactics and group formations has had a drastic change, and reading this now could bring you a lot of problems.

    Just a friendly notice

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