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    Assass rogue viability in rbgs?

    Simple thread, what is the viability of playing assassination rogue in rbgs? Is there a cap as to how high you can play (rating wise), are there any more pros or cons to playing sub, other than cloak and dagger peeling? Any insight would be much appreciated!!!

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    It's about as viable as enhance. Why play an inferior spec?

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    Sub is basically the same spec but better. Assassination is ok though if you want to make it work. It needs more unique cooldowns.
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    Depends on your role, really. You can always multidot and tunnel down pretty much anything.

    It's just as viable as sub atm, especially with ST.
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    Both Combat and Assassination suffer from the same problem which is they don't offer the stealth utility that Subtlety does. Assassination believe it or not, is actually better than Subtlety on a shitty geared Rogue and at high end pvp gear still does more damage overall. I would actually recommend anyone gearing a Rogue for pvp to play Assassination just to get a feel for the Rogue class. As soon as you get honor gear, switch to Subtlety.

    Back to the stealth utility thing. No other spec other than Subtlety can abuse talents such as Cloak and Dagger and Subterfuge as well as Subtlety just because of abilities such as Shadow Dance and Premeditation. Subtlety is the master of stealth spec for Rogues which goes hand in hand with pvp over a spec that can put out more overall damage (Assassination) and a shitty auto attack spec that mashes abilities and requires high end secondary pve stats to do respectable damage(Combat).

    For RBG's people might be okay with Assassination seeing that it has better armor penetration on tanks and does perform more overall sustained damage over Subtlety. I would however believe, that an RBG group would pick a Rogue (non frost dk melee lol) not for damage, but for control, utility and high burst which is in Subtlety's department.

    Play Subtlety.

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