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  • Burning Legion

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  • Old Gods

    5 71.43%
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    Burning Legion vs. The Old Gods

    in an hypothetical all out war on a remote planet, who would emerge victorious and why?

    edit: forgot to post my own opinion

    I'd say the burning legion would win due to their superior numbers and their mastery of the arcane and if sargeras joins the battlefield, well gg
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    Ignoring the hypothetical question because I hate them, neither of them would win. Simple as that.
    You fucking what mate?
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    I would agree. These threads are dull and always end up in a nerd rage battle between a fanboy of subject a and a fanboy of subject b and eventually becomes name calling. i.e. - Legion vs Zerg.

    On Topic: I said Old Gods just to have a reason to apply my opinion.

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    If Sargeras gets to join the field, then the Old Gods do too. One on one, Old Gods seem stronger than Titans pound for pound. Dunno how a single Old God would stack up against the Dark Titan, but 3+ would take him.

    Without either of them, purely in terms of their forces, probably the Burning Legion. Without the Old Gods to work their corruptive mojo and subvert the enemy forces, I think the Legion would eventually overcome and burn out the Old God forces. Put even one Old God into the mix though and he'd have half the enemy on his side before long.

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