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    Sum up your last raid with a quote from the latest Game of Thrones episode

    That was your job, your ONLY job!

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    Uhm... you know quotes from a tv series?

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    "Good Job"

    Shocker huh o.o
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    They don't need Nipples.
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    Well thats easy, because the very best character in that series is a dwarf, and I play one.

    Let's see here.

    When considering the 'Double Time" talent (warrior):
    Tyrion: "I'm a monster, as well as a dwarf. You should charge me double."

    After having died from healer derp:
    Tyrion: "Would it be excessive of me to ask you to save my life twice in a week?"

    After seeing hunters succesfully feign death during a wipe:
    Sandor (The Hound): "Any man dies with a clean sword, I'll rape his fu-king corpse!"

    When being distressed with terrible luck RNG-wise, still using a blue quality shield after months of Mogu'shan and that night's Primordius kill:
    Cersei: "The gods have no mercy, that's why they're gods."

    And finally, finishing up the night succesfully with a few guild-first kills, but not having reached Lei Shen yet:
    Jaime: Three victories don't make you a conquerer.
    Robb: It's better than three defeats.
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    I don't know the series, but if I were to hazard a guess... urm... 'Oh no I am dead like every other character ends up in this'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garrus Vakarian View Post
    They don't need Nipples.
    haahahah, yes!

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    That was your only job.
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    "No loot...AGAIN".

    They must say that in GoT, right? I mean..it IS a fantasy series....
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    ... there are lots of different types of players, with different amounts of time to play, and different tastes for the content and difficulty and time commitment they want to give to any of those pieces of content. The person that plays for an hour or so a few times a week is playing the same game as the person that plays five hours every night.....

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    Bronn: I’m your friend, but I'm also a sellsword, and I don't lend my sword out to friends.
    Tyrion: Alright, then I'll keep paying you.
    Bronn: I'm a knight now, you need to pay me double. Knights are worth double.
    Tyrion: Double? I don't know how much I was paying originally!
    Bronn: Then you can afford it.

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    ... fuck the TV show. The books is where the real action is at.
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    On Tsulong:

    "The night is dark and full of Terrors" - Stannis

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    robb stark dies

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiseone View Post
    robb stark dies
    Somebody dies in SoIaF. Whoa.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dartungar View Post
    Somebody dies in SoIaF. Whoa.
    A bigger spoiler of the series is "xxx lives"

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    Not everyone has read or seen it, and we don't need a pile of spoilers ruining the show/books for other people.

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