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    Taming The World (Pet Battle Achi) Question

    So after looking a little on wowhead was still curious, to get 40/40 do u still have to have a toon from each faction to complete it? bit meh if so altho im sure it wont be hard to find someone its still fairly annoying if u have to >.>

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    You do not. I completed this achievement on a single character on alliance.
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    I've been trying to level my warlock for well over a year now and I've only just hit level 60. There's something very difficult about their playstyle right from the get go. Surely it can't just be me? Is there any chance that the devs can streamline the class. Their resource system is also difficult to maintain as well.

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    If you are Horde (at least in my experience) you have to make a level 1 Alliance and go battle one Alliance tamer at low level to complete the achievement.

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