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    Thumbs down Heartstone section?

    Can we NOT have Heartstone in the same section as WoW? I do not care for it, yet threads show everytime on Recent Forum Posts. If there really must be a category for it maybe it would be more suitable in Video Games.
    Same goes for Blue Tracker.

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    Just untick the "Heartstone - WoW TCG" box and it won't appear on the front page.

    As for the Blue Tracker, see this thread: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...1-Blue-Tracker
    Quote Originally Posted by chaud View Post
    We can look in to not showing Hearthstone posts on the main view if the volume of posts remains high.

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    You can change what you see in recent posts using the forum filters -- click the forum filters button, uncheck hearthstone (and anything else you don't want to see), then hit save. It will remember these preferences as long as you don't clear your cookies.

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    This is nice and all, but can we get Hearthstone cleared from the Bluetracker section? This is sort of MMO-Champion and you've kept Diablo 3 and Starcraft out of the Bluetracker on this specifric site, yet for some reason have kept Hearthstone in there and it's getting tiring checking what I believe is new WoW info only to see it's Hearthstone related.

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    I was pretty sure I didn't see it at all in the filters, since I actively use them. And since that's the whole point of this thread. :|

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