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    How do you call a Hearthstone player?

    So I read this thread on the official forums:

    It made me wonder what do YOU think a Heartstone player should be called? I mean Hearthstone player doesn't really roll of the tongue, so we need something better to call ourselves!
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    how about stoner?

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    Motorcycle card gamer
    although seriously idk, i can't really think of anything other than hs player lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bling View Post
    how about stoner?
    Stoner works, I guess. But I think if you tell a stranger you're a Stoner they won't immediately think you play an innocent online card game, so not sure if the name works beyond it's use as an in-joke
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    A Paladin?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cerilis View Post
    A Paladin?

    I like it.
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    a hearthie?
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    Hearther, Hearthie, Hearthstoners, person that play the card game hearthstone.

    What are WoW players called?

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    Quote Originally Posted by iamthedevil View Post
    Hearther, Hearthie, Hearthstoners, person that play the card game hearthstone.

    What are WoW players called?

    But seriously, I wondered the same thing.. what's wrong with "Hearthstone player" when, for example, Starcraft players are called "Starcraft player"s?
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    WoWers? stoner seems appropriate

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    It makes no sense to call people who play Hearthstone a specific name.

    The same way people who play World of Warcraft or any other MMO or TCG aren't given specific names.

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    As a blue suggested several days ago...

    My Little Hearthlings
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    I think Nerd covers it.
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    If you're playing Hearthstone, you're playing an in-game WoW character playing a card game in an inn.

    Therefore, the only proper name for a Hearthstone player is a metagamer.
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    Wait, we give specific names depending on specific games? Does that make me a WoWer?

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    I might be stupid, but I don't really understand what you're looking for. What do we call players of other games? Starcrafters? WoWers? LoLers?

    They're gamers, that's it. Or did I miss something?
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    gamer will do

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    I have to say "nerd" covers it perfectly. But we're all nerds here

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