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    I suggest taking a break until the next patch drops thats what i did and i worked quite nicely, still cant get the kara mount to drop.

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    I'd suggest you stop playing. It is not a job that you must keep because it is the only one available in your town and the kids need food.....
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    ... there are lots of different types of players, with different amounts of time to play, and different tastes for the content and difficulty and time commitment they want to give to any of those pieces of content. The person that plays for an hour or so a few times a week is playing the same game as the person that plays five hours every night.....

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    Easy, cancel your sub, and dont resub untill you really want to play again.

    I've taken a few timeouts myself, I got burnt out during TBC, and quit the game right after Kael, and started again in wotlk, I then stopped about 1 month into Cata, and resubbed a few months before MoP.

    WoW aint neccesary to sustain your life, some people "including myself", sometimes forget that, when you cant figure wtf to do when you log on, is when you do something else, and dont even log on once a week to run yoru character through lfr to keep tit "up to date", you'll start to feel that it's a chore.

    Take the time you spend on wow, and use it in the gym instead, or something else that doesnt involve a mouse and a keyboard.

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    Same happened to me. I quit around 5.1 and only when I got the free days I logged in once, looked around like 10 seconds and alt f4ed. I will give it another chance when the new expansion comes out. If that doesn't make me want to play again, then I can safely say that WoW is dead for me.

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    If you can't find anything interesting to do atm it sounds like you just need a break. Take a while off and maybe in a while you'll find it all enjoyable again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BcShane13 View Post
    Well I have been playing since BC on and off and now here at MoP I don't raid anymore other than LFR and I just can't find much interesting in the game anymore. Any ideas for what could help me get my love of the game rekindled? Open to all suggestions (except Moonguard).
    I was a hardcore player up to Cata. In Mop, I moved from US servers to EU (started anew) but took it casually. Aim to level 11 90s, do LFR etc. I too can't be bothered getting into a guild and raiding hardcore again, cant be bothered with progression etc.

    What I do is actually playing pet battles. It is actually very fun and something interesting to do between queues, no matter if it a queue for LFR, daily dungeon (hey you never know if I decide to start raiding again heh) or just a dungeon/bg to level an alt.

    Also levelling professions, making some gold, farming old content for those elusive mounts and drops etc

    If you are 100% only interested in raiding, then maybe you need to find a new guild. I found out that changing faction and server is refreshing. The areas are new, new people, new tactics, new guild jokes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zdrasti View Post
    Quit. Tons of better things to do outside of WoW.
    Pretty much this,.
    You won't understand what else is out there until you properly shut down your WoW subscription and start to wonder
    "what to do now...".
    instead of
    "hmm im bored, lets log into wow,. hmm im still bored but whatever ill run around and do some dailies"

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    I took a break from fairly early in Cata until just recently. It's surprising how much I appreciate the little things they've done coming back now.

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    When all you do is watered down stuff with strangers, most making that time even less fun and toxic, you shouldn't be too surprised you don't have fun.
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    -Take a break
    -Try PvP instead
    -Try lvling another class
    -Find another Mmo
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    Take a break? I never understood why people continue to pay and play for a game they are clearly burnt out on. Just put the account on suspension for a month and take a break

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    As others have said, I'd also suggest taking a break.
    It seems comon that WoW players don't realize there are other games out there, or that life goes on without WoW. You CAN actually go do something else.

    If you really feel the way you describe OP, there's no "love to be rekindled" just take a freaking break, forget about WoW for a while, find another interesting game. Trust me they exist in spades, WoW is great for a social/community game (it's an MMO after all) but it's actually rather shitty by video game standards (outside of MMOs).

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    Quote Originally Posted by BcShane13 View Post
    Well I have been playing since BC on and off and now here at MoP I don't raid anymore other than LFR and I just can't find much interesting in the game anymore. Any ideas for what could help me get my love of the game rekindled? Open to all suggestions (except Moonguard).
    When i finally hit that point, i started botting, not to make money (although i did) but mainly to get my accounts permanently banned, theres no coming back for me!

    It was the only way i could end the 8 year relationship for good, As i know i will not start a new account.

    I gave up 17500+ achievement points, 12 level 90's 8 level 85's, no regrets whatsoever!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BcShane13 View Post
    Well I have been playing since BC on and off and now here at MoP I don't raid anymore other than LFR and I just can't find much interesting in the game anymore. Any ideas for what could help me get my love of the game rekindled? Open to all suggestions (except Moonguard).
    Try doing anything at all?

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    Build a PC that can play other games, that's what I did a month ago haven't touched wow since.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Celticmoon View Post
    -Take a break
    -Try PvP instead
    -Try lvling another class
    -Find another Mmo
    Well Finding another MMO is atleast for me not possible.
    I have seen so much aspects in WoW that no MMO has, that it just doesn't make me even want to bother playing it.
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?

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    I take a 3-6 month break every once in awhile. I play on my X360, take up a new hobby like painting or woodworking. I started doing Pilates about a year ago (very relaxing). I also meditate for 30 minutes each evening before falling asleep and I take the dog for a brisk run in the morning. The important thing to remember is... it's just a video game. It is not your real life You could even go as far as uninstalling it so it is not easy access and then set a calendar reminder to reinstall it in 90 days.

    * Side note - if it is the first thing you do when you get up, last thing you do before bed, and the only hobby you have throughout your week, the uninstall idea is more than just a recommendation

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    Do what I did. Take a break. After a month, I realized even if I came back, Id be doing the same thing everyday like before. Now I dont feel like playing WoW at all anymore.

    The game is stagnant and the lore is rage inductingly stupid. Just take a break until something HUGE happens that makes it worth checking out again. Lame class changes dont count and Thrall being declared Super Jesus dont count.

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    If you're bored just quit and find something else that doesn't bore you.

    I have been subbed since March 2007 and have never taken a break or unsubbed but I have altered my playtime and style quite a bit over the years. Like others I raided on the 4 - 5 day schedule and spent every spare second logged into the game. My most recent journey has me and 1 alt transferring servers and factions after 6 years of playing strictly alliance. It's been a blast and while I don't log into the game nearly as much as in the past, I look forward to my 2 days a week to raid and outside of that I log on only if I have something I want to do. After that task is complete I don't just idle in a capital city for hours anymore. I simply log off and find something more entertaining to do.

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    I got back in after reading the books, its nice to read about an event and be able to see where it happened, even see the characters involved, I look at tbc bosses especially and know why they are where they are and how they ended up there. Or just take a break, Give path of Exile a go.

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