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    What it your fastest time 1-90 no raf

    I recently leveled a priest in full heirlooms minus ring in to 90 in 54 hours not recornd breaking but I think it was fast.

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    1-90? 4 months (I was unsubbed in the middle of that for a month).

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    41 hours I believe with no potion, but I use the potion nowadays so..
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    It took my monk 1 day and 14 hours played to get to 90, gotta love that dailybuff

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    Since I still only have one level 90, I guess I'd have to say about 6 years.

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    Never know tbh, I always end up getting +70% of the time AFK. >.< Probably under a couple of days /played, though.

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    Never know tbh, I always end up getting +70% of the time AFK. >.< Probably under a couple of days /played, though.
    I'm glad I'm not the only one who does this.
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    I've rarely pushed one character from 1 to 90 without some sort of interval between.

    I did push my warrior from about 35 to 90 in about two weeks worth of real time. With a job though, so it was limited time.
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