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    Post Challenge mode Gold and BattleNet account Transfer

    I need an information from much experienced player than me on challenge mode gold achievement.
    I have 2 account (not merged) account A contains most of my char and on account B i have only my paladin,
    my actual main char. On the paladin i have completed the gold challenge mode achiev with mount and mog gear,
    if i move the paladin to account A the mount and the mog gear will follow the char or remain tied to battlenet account ?

    Sry for my english and thanks for help in advance

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    All achievements/rewards are tied to the character.
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    They are tied to the character, but as far as i know, challenge mode acm are also character only, i.e. you will not get those acms for you other chars (the same with brawlers guild acms afaik)

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